Geology Honours Theses

Arts, Conner 2022 Depositional Processes of Massive Sandstone Layers in the Sub-Aqueous Portion of the 1.4Ga Sibley Group Delta, Northwestern Ontario
Briggs, Blaize A. 2022 Quetico-Wabigoon Subprovince Boundary in the Superior Province North of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Buchanan, Nina 2022 Mineralogy and Petrology of the Saturday Night Intrusion, NW Ontario, Canada
Manickam, Sharanya 2022 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of carbonate layers in the Paleoproterozoic Rove Formation, Superior Province
McQuade, Josh 2022 Sulfur isotopes as a record of differential contamination along the Cu-PGE mineralized Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Canada
Ramesh, Ragi 2022 Exploring the primary mineralogy of Archean calcite crystal fans
Colaiacovo, Ettore 2021 Relationships between Shear Zones and Mineralization of the Rainy River deposit
Landman, Megan 2021 Archean Orogenesis to Proterozoic Rifting: A structural history of Pass Lake, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Brand, Ethan 2020 Was the Archean Ocean Stratified with Respect to Carbon Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements? A Comparison of Deep and Shallow Water Archean Carbonate
Brown, Conway 2020 A Microstructural Analysis of Alto Ventures’ Miner Lake Property
Craik, Nicholas 2020 Exploring the Subaerial Redox Environment of the Mesoproterozoic Copper Harbour Conglomerate, Michigan, USA
Hodder, Maddison 2020 A mineralogical and geochemical study of granitoids from the Northern Revell Batholith, Ignace, Ontario
Marcelissen, Mitchell 2020 Mineral Chemistry of the Gaspé Porphyry, Gaspé, Québec
Clark, Tommy 2019 An Investigation of the Hintikka Breccia Occurrence Related to the Greenwater-Shebandowan Assemblage Unconformity
Dorado-Troughton, Mateo 2019 The Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Nagagami River Alkalic Complex in the Vicinity of the Albany Graphite Deposit
Orlóci-Goodison , Ruth A. 2019 Stabilization of mineral-bound soil organic carbon in disturbed Boreal forest soil profiles
Sautelli, Louis 2019 A Strain Analysis West of the C-Zone Open Pit - The World Class Hemlo Gold Deposit
Yahia, Khalid 2019 Tectonic Investigation on Mackenzie River granites
Beardy, Ethan 2018 Pyrite Characterization at Musselwhite Mine
Hietala, Jeremy 2018 Bar Formation on the Sub-Aqueous Sand Sheet of the Gravel River Delta, Lake Superior
Jedemann, Andrew 2018 The Geochemistry and Petrology of the Boyer Showing within the Coldwell Alkaline Complex
Killins, Spencer 2018 Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Analysis Above Kimberlite Pipe DO18, Northwest Territories
Leale, Carina 2018 The effects of fire, harvest and compound disturbance on soil carbon and nitrogen stores in a Boreal mixedwood forest
Ojala, Teegan 2018 Sequence Stratigraphic and Architectural Analysis of a 1.83 Ga Turbidite System: The Rove Formation, Northwestern Ontario
Veneruz, Dominique 2018 Biotite Characterization at Musselwhite Mine
Arungwa, Ikechukwu 2017 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of a 2.94 Ga Chemical-Siliciclastic Metasedimentary Succession, Red Lake area, Northwestern Ontario
Boucher, Chanelle 2017 Alteration and Geochemistry of Host Rocks to the Coldwell Complex
Campbell, Dana 2017 Investigations of Target No. 6: A Potential New Kimberlite in the Marathon Area, NW Ontario
Cleaver, Amy 2017 Mineralogy and Petrology of the Good Hope Carbonatite Occurrence, Marathon, ON
Drover, Bailey 2017 Characterizing the Grade of Metamorphism and Depth of Burial of the Gunflint Formation near Thunder Bay, Ontario
Escher, Philip 2017 Structural Controls on Gold Mineralization within the Eastern Peewatai Pluton, Shebandowan Greenstone Belt
Farquharson, James 2017 A Microstructural Analysis of Goldstrike’s Plateau Property, Yukon
Fay, Liam 2017 Mineral Chemistry of the Heron Bay Area, Northwestern Ontario
Graba, Andrew 2017 A Mineralogical Study of the Chipman Lake Carbonatite Dikes
Greco, Matthew M. 2017 Assessing Morphological Characteristics of Graphite Breccias of the Albany Deposit Using Semi-Automated Digital Analysis
Loesch, Amanda 2017 An Evaluation of Soil Quality in Agricultural Soils of Northwestern Ontario: Thunder Bay, Rainy River, and Kenora Districts
Madge, Carly 2017 Comparison of Whole Rock and Groundwater Geochemistry of the Gunflint, Rove, and other Geologic Formations of Thunder Bay, Ontario
Melchiorre, Matthew 2017 Petrology and Geochemistry of the Copper Bar Cu-Ni-PGE Prospect, Northern Ontario
Ramsay, Brittany 2017 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of the 2310 Ma Kona Dolomite, Huronian Supergroup, Superior Province
Arnold, Kira 2016 An Investigation of the Ney's Lookout Lamprophyric Dyke at Marathon, ON.
Carson, Tracy 2016 A Microstructural Analysis of the Coffee Gold Project
Cenedese, Johnathan 2016 Assessing Acid Generation of Mine Waste with Low-Net Neutralizing and Net-Acid Producing Potentials
Daniels, Jeffrey W. 2016 The Physics of Archean Atmospheric Composition
Davis, Sarah 2016 Petrology and Geochemistry of the Wolfcamp Lake Basalts
Deley, Brittany 2016 Origin of the gold-hosting porphyry at Geraldton, Ontario
Dunn, Corinne 2016 Nitrogen Mineralization on Rock Barrens of the Precambrian Shield
Hughes, Alexander 2016 Petrology and Geochemistry of the McKenzie Granite, Northwestern Ontario
Kozlowski, Alexandra 2016 The Mineralogy and Petrology of the Diamondiferous Madonna Dyke, Marathon, ON
Kurucz, Sophie 2016 Giant Domes of the Mosher Carbonate, Steep Rock, ON
Metteer, Samuel 2016 Mineralogy and Petrology of the Rabbit Foot Dyke, White River, ON
Nap, Carli A. 2016 Mesoproterozoic Alteration of the Paleoproterozoic Gunflint Formation: Analogies with Martian Blueberries
Reid-Sharp, Ruby 2016 Characterizing Deformation of Gunflint Formation in Contact with the Archean Basement
Smith, Vittoria 2016 The Mineralogy and Petrography of the Anderson Lake Pegmatite Occurrence
Super, Robin 2016 Nickel and Copper Beneficiation of Samapleu Ore: A Comparison of Process Geology of Two Metallurgical Processes
Svensson, Matthew 2016 Source of Native Iron in Canadian Arctic Artifacts
West, Stephen 2016 Supergene Alteration of the Albany Graphite Deposit
Arges, Matthew 2015 Mineralogy and Petrology of the Spodumene-rich Pegmatites and Associated Veinlets from the Rock Tech Li project, Georgia Lake Area, Quetico Subprovince, Ontario
Baird, Jordan 2015 Fold Analyses in the Gunflint Formation: Working towards a Characterization of Regional Deformation in the Animikie Group near Thunder Bay, Ontario
Buosi, Joshua G. 2015 Geologic Characterization of the Sharpsand River Iron-Oxide Copper Gold Prospect, Northeastern Ontario
Cox, Kara 2015 Kama Creek Monitoring: Examining Water Loss and Sediment Transport in a Remediated Stream
Dove, Jake R. 2015 Structural Controls of Gold Mineralization on west Neepawa Island, Sioux Lookout greenstone belt
Dumoulin, Kevin 2015 Petrology and Geochemistry of the Dickenson-Campbell Diorite, Red Lake
Fischer, Sadie 2015 Biological Mats in Siliciclastic Sediments of the Gunflint and Rove Formations
Hinz, Sheree 2015 Geochemistry of the Badwater Gabbro south of Armstrong, ON
McLeod, Michael 2015 Petrography and Geochemistry of "Intermediate Intrusive" units specific to the Hemlo Gold Deposit: Marathon, ON
Nikkila, Douglas 2015 The mineralogy and petrology of a newly-discovered REE occurrence within the Coldwell Complex near Marathon, Ontario
Prinsloo, Zachary 2015 Mineralogy and Petrogenesis Hindon Cu-PGE Prospect, Central Ontario
Williams, Tyler 2015 Microstructural Analysis and Metamorphism of the Smoke Deep Ore Zone at St. Andrew Goldfield's Holloway Mine
Wywrot, Allen 2015 Mineralogy and Petrology of a Newly Discovered Paralamproite Occurrrence near Marathon, Ontario
Zwanenburg, Natalie 2015 Physical Controls on Plant Communities and Soils on Rock Barrens in Thunder Bay
Bjorkman, Ruth 2014 The Mapping and Petrography of an Archean Maar Deposit
Clapp, Leah 2014 Microstructural Analysis of the Main Break in Kirkland Lake, ON
Dolega, Simon 2014 Strain Analysis on the Max Lake Polymictic Conglomerates in the Wabigoon Subprovince, Ontario, Canada
Goetz, Matthew M. 2014 Heating Experiments of Amethyst from Thunder Bay Amethyst Mine
Kemper, George 2014 Sedimentology of the Outan Island Formation
Liimu, Jared J. 2014 The Role of Brittle-Ductile Deformation and Competency Contrast in Gold Mineralization in the C-Zone, Hemlo Gold Camp, Ontario
McIntyre, Tim 2014 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of Mesoarchean Chemical Sediments of the Red Lake and Wallace Lake Greenstone Belts
Molloy, Shannon 2014 Remote Sensing Techniques for the Mapping of Arc to Rift Transitional Rocks in Central Baja California
Nolan, Ainslee 2014 Metamorphism and Deformation at the Wabigoon Quetico Subprovince Boundary in the Decourcey Lake Area
Pucci, Alexander 2014 Microstructure of Steep Rock Carbonate Precipitates
Quinn, Jordan 2014 Lithogeochemical and Petrological Analysis of a Mafic Metavolcanic Sequence South of Musselwhite Mine, North Caribou Greeenstone Belt
Scheffler, Kayla 2014 The Effects of Whole-Tree Harvesting and Fire Disturbances on Carbon and Nitrogen Stores in a Dystric Brunisol
Belshaw, Patrick 2013 A Textural and Geochemical Study of a Granophyric Sill in the Jarvis Area, Thunder Bay
D'Angelo, Michael 2013 Igneous Textures and Mineralogy of the Steepledge Intrusion, Northern Ontario
Daniel, Lafreniere 2013 A Regional Geochemical Study of the Gunflint Formation
Fry, Kyle 2013 A Geochemical and Petrogenetic Study of Three Granitic Dike Swarms within the Southern North Caribou Terrane
Koroscil, Jesse P.J. 2013 Deformation of the Animikie Group North of Lake Superior
Lafontaine, Daniel 2013 Depositional Environments of the Paleoproterozoic Espanola Formation with Implications for Post-Great Oxidation Sedimentation Conditions
Seaby, Jordan 2013 A Geochemical Study of Diabase Sills Related to the Midcontinent Rift
Smyk, Emily 2013 Geochemistry and Petrography Study of a Mesoarchean Felsic Metavolcanic Unit Near Musselwhite Mine, North Caribou Greenstone Belt
Yip, Christopher 2013 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of a Regressive Surface in the Chemical Sediments of the Paleoproterozoic Gunflint Formation
Buonocore, Allison 2012 Distribution of Fluoride in Groundwater in Different Bedrock of Thunder Bay and Surrounding Area
Gaspar, Brandon 2012 The Black Line Faults of the Red Lake Gold Mine
Gasparotto, Marc 2012 A Microstructural Study of the Geology of the Otjikoto Gold Deposit, Namibia
Horner, Simon 2012 Silicified Stromatolites in the Gunflint Formation, Kakabeka Falls and Current River, Northwest Ontario
Kuzmich, Ben 2012 Geochemistry and Petrology of the Dog Lake Granite Chain, Quetico Basin, Northwestern Ontario
Magnus, Seamus 2012 An Investigation of the Assimilation Hypothesis in the Navilus Sill, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Paju, Greg F. 2012 Nature of alteration associated with Co mineralization in the Bol©o Cu-Co-Zn-Mn deposit
Puchalski, Raya 2012 The Petrography and Geochemistry of the Riverdale Sill
Selagi, Joshua J. 2012 Microstructural Analysis of Porcelaineous Syenite, Coldwell Complex, Ontario, Canada
Swoffer, Brittney 2012 The Deformation History of the Ivanhoe Lake Structure
Therrien, Steven 2012 Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Possible Iron Formation at The Red Lake Mine, Ontario
Bjorkman, Katarina 2011 Alteration Geochemistry of the Hackett River Main Zone VMS Deposit
Carl, Christian F.J. 2011 Geochemistry and Petrology of Intrusive Rocks of the Sibley Peninsula
Flank, Steve 2011 The Geology, Petrology and Geochemistry of the Mesoproterozic Hele Sill, Nipigon, Ontario
Timmis, Bret 2011 An Investigation of Acid Rock Drainage Interaction with Waste Rock Materials and Catchment Ponds at Steep Rock Mine Site, Atikokan, ON
Cundari, Robert 2010 Geology and Geochemistry of the Devon Volcanics, South of Thunder Bay, Ontario
Magi, Daana 2010 Geology and Gold Mineralization of the Paint Lake Property, Beardmore-Geraldton Greenstone Belt, Ontario
O'Hare, Sean 2010 Sedimentological Study of the Gaciogenic Bruce Formation of the Huronian Supergroup, in the North Shore Area, Ontario
Scott, Robert J 2010 Quartz "Eyes" of the Moose Lake Porphyry Complex in the B and C Zones, Williams Mine, Hemlo, Ontario
Stinson, Victoria 2010 Metamorphism at Musselwhite Mine, Western Superior Province, Canadian Shield
Therriault, Isabelle 2010 Geochemical Investigation of Lake Sediment Cores and Soil Samples from Whitefish Lake, Ontario: Characteristics and Geoarchaeological Implications
Gadal, Randy 2009 Metal Sources of the Bol©o Cu-Co-Zn District, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Kyne, Roisin E. 2009 Clay Alteration of the Cerro la Mina Porphyry-Epithermal Deposit, Chiapas, Mexico
Pattison, Jason 2009 Petrographic Study on the Kenbridge Nickel Deposit
Perusse, Chris 2009 Hydrogeoloical and Geochemical Assessment of Two Tailings Impoundments at the Former Steep Rock Iron Mine Atikokan, Ontario
Siemieniuk, Steven 2009 Alteration and Gold Mineralization of the Jubilee Zone at the Elora Property, Dryden, Ontario
Ferraro, Daniel 2008 Structure and Metamorphism of Kooyak Island Mylonites and Country Rock, Boothia Mainland, Nunavut
Forslund, Nathan 2008 Hydrothermal alteration in the southern felsic volcanics at Marshall Lake, Northwestern Ontario
Henderson, Avery 2008 Geochemistry and petrography of the Shrimp Lake Intrusion in the North Spirit Lake greenstone belt, Northwestern Ontario, Canada
Kalynuik, Sonya 2008 Experimental synthesis of highly metalliferous Hollandite-group manganese oxides
Kenny, Kurt 2008 An Analysis of Selected Alteration at the Bol©o Cu-Co-Zn Deposit
Burton, Justin 2007 Deposition and cementation of Paleoproterozoic Gunflint Formation carbonates: Implications for early hydrosphere chemistry
McBride, John 2007 Investigation of the Magnetite Olivine Coarse Grained Gabbro Units of the Eastern Gabbro, Marathon, Ontario
Myllyaho, Jeff 2007 Mineralogical indicators of Ni-bearing zones within the Bird River Sill, Manitoba
Rinne, Marc 2007 Petrography and Genesis of the Big Lake Ultramafic Complex and Associated PGE Mineralization, Marathon, Ontario
Secord, Scott 2007 The Petrography and Geochemistry of the Grassy Pond Sill
MacDonald, Jonathon 2005 An integrated mineralogy, geochemistry and stable isotope geochemistry investigation into potential sulphate sources of the Hogarth Pit Lake, Steep Rock Iron Mine, Atikokan
Shute, Amy 2005 The Ash Bay gneiss dome, Northwestern Ontario: Petrofabrics and AMS compared
Metsaranta, Riku 2003 Preliminary results of geochemical sampling from the Mesoarchean Balmer assemblage, Birch-Uchi greenstone belt
Richardson, Adam J. 2003 Pass Lake Formation Sediment Provenance
Trebilcock, Dawn-Ann 2003 Thermomagnetic Studies of the Troodos and Akamas Ophiolites in Cyprus to Determine the Iron Oxides
Halle, Jesse 2002 Paleomagnetic Study of the Plateau and Stawson Intrusions of the Quetico Subprovince, Northwestern Ontario
Kelso, Iain S. 2002 Geology and Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Thunder Bay Agate Mine
Kukkee, Heather 2002 An X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Tausonite (SrTiO3) - Lueshite (NaNbO3) Solid Solution Series
Lemmetty, Timmothy 2002 Paleomagnetism and magnetic fabrics of late Archean lamprophyres, Shebandowan, northwestern Ontario
Lucas, Katie 2002 Paleomagnetism and Magnetic Fabrics of the Akamas Ophiolite as Compared to the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Potter, Eric 2002 The Mineralogy of Spinels From the Lac De Gras Kimberlite Field, N.W.T., Canada
Amurawaiye, (Mac) Olugbemi 2001 The Paleoproterozoic Rove Formation of Northwestern Ontario: A Trubidite-Dominated Shelf Sequence
Baker, David 2001 A Paleomagnetic Study of the Logan Sills, Northwestern Ontario
Bihari, Daniel J. 2001 Alteration and PGE-AU Mineralization of the North Roby Zone, Lac des Iles Mine, Northwestern Ontario
Hamilton, Thomas D. 2001 A Study in Neotectonics of the Polis Graben, Cyprus, using Magnetic Fabrics
Johnson, Justin 2001 Fluid Inclusion Evidence for a Role for Hydrothermal Activity in the Roby Zone, Lac des Iles Mine, Northwestern Ontario
Rogala, Becky 2001 A Metamorphosed Evaporite Section from the Sibley Basin, Northwestern Ontario
Gauthier, David M. 2000 Magmatic flow from magnetic fabrics in the Sheeted dike complex, Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus
Hammond, Anne 1999 Accessory Mineralogy of Swartruggens Orangeite
Hrominchuk, Joel L. 1999 Iridium Concentration as an Estimator of Instantaneous Mass Accumulation Rates for the Lumby Lake and Finlayson Lake Greenstone Belts, Wabigoon subprovince, Ontario
Ross, Kirk 1998 An X-Ray Diffraction Analysis and Rietveld Refinement of (Na1-x, Kx)MgF3 Fluoroperovskite Solid Solution Series
Salo, Randall 1998 Alternation and Metamorphism Related to the No. 2 Zone at the Patricia Mines Island Gold Project Finan Township, District of Algoma, Ontario
Lagroix, France 1997 Tectonic and Rock Minerals of the Rainy Lake Anorthosite
Masun, Katharine 1997 Crater Facies Kimberlites
Pollard, Simon C. 1996 A Petrogenetic Study of the "Agglomerate Unit", Pamour One Mine, Timmins, Ontario
Koebernick, Christa 1994 Evidence for the Contact Metamorphism of Regionally Metamorphosed Rocks in a Section of the Quetico Subprovince
Pufahl, Peir Kenneth 1994 Depositional Controls on Shallow Water Iron Formation Accumulation, Gogebic Range, Wisconsin
Kukkee, Kenneth R. 1993 A Cathodoluminescence Study of the Big Beaver House Carbonatite Complex Kenora, Ontario
Bruce, Katherine 1992 Surface Exploration Using Glacial Dispersal Patterns at the Golden Patricia Gold Mine, Pickle Lake, Ontario
Kahara, Gilbert 1992 The Behaviour of Isothermal Remanent Magnetization of Magnetite and Hematite in Non-coaxial Strain
Young, John D. 1992 Studies of Ore Minerals from the Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Barr, Clinton 1991 Application of the Sphalerite Geobarometer to the Winston Lake Massive Sulfide Deposit
Watt, Murray J. 1990 A Biogeochemical Study of the Influence of Lithology and Topography on Foliar Nutrient Levels in Vegetation Growing on Two Contrasting Rock Types in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario
Purdon, Robert H. 1989 The Quetico Fault Zone Northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario Kinematic Indicators of Dextral Motion
Puumala, Mark 1989 Experimental Investigation of Magnetic Fabrics in Simulated Geological Materials
Seemayer, Barbara Ellen 1989 Contact of a Late Archean Clastic Sequence
Turnbull, Douglas Stewart 1989 Strain Analysis of the Seine Conglomerate
Unal, Jade Yesim 1989 Diagenetic History of the Late Visean Ardness Formation Limestone, Northern Nova Scotia
Vande Kemp, Ronald L. B. 1989 The Morphology and Geochemistry of an Algoma Type, Sulfide-Facies Iron Formation on the Schreiber Penninsula, Schreiber, Ontario
Wood, Bradley D. 1989 A Fluid Inclusion Study of Shock Metamorphosed Rocks from the Haughton Structure, NWT, and the Sudbury Structure, Ontario
McArthur, John 1988 Fluid Inclusion and Stable Isotopic Studies on Amethyst, Thunder Bay Amethyst Mine, Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Cullen, Desmond 1988 The Metamorphism of the Quetico Metasediments in the Atikokan Area
McCuaig, Thompson Campbell 1988 The Deadhorse Creek Zn-Pb-Ag Veins and Their Relationship to Other Vein Deposits of the Schreiber - Terrace Bay - Marathon Region
Newby, Willam J. 1988 Kinematic Indicates of a Shear Zone in Gorham Township Thunder Bay, Ontario
Van Damme, V.P. 1988 Deposition and Diagenesis of Selected Sections in the Gunflint Formation
Cole, Brian Leslie 1987 Geology and Mineralogy of the Beaver Junior Mine Mainland Belt Silver Region Thunder Bay District
Holmes, Peter Kevin 1987 The Structure of Archean Metasedimentary Rocks Near Mosher Lake, Geraldton, Ontario
Nicol, David Lawrence 1987 The Structure of Archean Metasedimentary Rocks Near Geraldton, Ontario
Vero, Philip E. 1987 A Study of Titanium Minerals in Hydrothermal Alteration Zones
Chambers, Bruce 1986 Geology and Mineralogy of the Creswel Silver Deposits Mainland Belt Silver Region Thunder Bay District
Parker, Douglas P. 1986 Macro and Microscopic Deformational Styles in the Heron Bay-Hemlo Area
Alford, Craig S. 1985 The Structure of Archean Metasedimentary Rocks Near Max Lake, Ontario
Aris, Shawn 1985 Chrono-Stratigraphic Correlation of the Late Quaternary Lacustrine Sediments from Lake Superior
Campeau, Ronald M. 1985 Project WAPA: A Lead-Zinc Occurrence in Middle Devonian Carbonates of Northern Saskatchewan
Gliddon, David J. 1985 The Mineralogy and Genesis of the Archean Hemlo Barite Occurrences in Northern Ontario
Harvey, Peter Gordon 1985 A Test of the Lateral Secretion Hypothesis at the Rabbit Mountain Mine, Mainland Belt Silver Region Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Martin, Alan M. 1985 The Structure of Archean Metasedimentary and Metavolcanic Rocks Near Max Lake Thunder Bay, Ontario
O'Brien, Mark S. 1985 A Detailed Geological Study of the Mafic Metavolcanic Rocks North of Poplar Lodge, Ontario
Scott, Brian M. 1985 A Study of the Auriferous Quartz Veins Found within the Oxide Facies Banded Iron Formations of the Beardmore-Geraldton Area of Northern Ontario
Simunovic, Adrian 1985 Strain Analysis of a Deformed Polymict Conglomerate from the Wabigoon Subprovince
Sinclair, Terry J. 1985 A Petrologic Study of Two Trenched Gold Showings on the Maki Prospect, Vincent Township, Northwestern Ontario
Smith, Jennifer M. 1985 A Comparitive Petrographic Study of Several Skarn Occurrences in Northern British Columbia and Southern Yukon Territory
McKay, Douglas B. 1984 Application of Ion Exchange to Neutron Activation Analysis of REE in Geologic Samples
Mooney, Scott J. 1984 Geochemistry of Mica From Some Australian Lamproites and Some MARID-Suite Xenoliths, Bultfontein, South Africa
Nelson, Brian W. 1984 The Felsic Volcanic Rocks of Big Duck Lake, Near Schreiber, Ontario
Sarvas, Perry A. 1984 The Structure and Stratigraphic Relationship of Archean Metasedimentary and Metavolcanic Rocks Near Lappe, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Sim, Robert C. 1984 Documenting an Accretionary Lapilli Tuff in the Thunder Bay Area
Smyk, Mark 1984 A Comparative Study of Silver Occurrences Island Belt Silver Region Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Stewart, Ronald W. 1984 The Structure and Lithology of the Quetico Metasediments in the Chub Lake - Little McCauley Lake Area
Clark, J. G. 1983 Geology of Centre II Rocks of the Coldwell Peninsula Coldwell Alkaline Complex
Laws, Gregory R. 1983 Geology of a Portion of the Little Pic River Breccia Zone, Within the Coldwell Complex
Stubley, Michael P. 1983 The Structure and Lithology of the Quetico Metasediments in the Banning Lake - Seine River Area
Tomlinson, Kevin 1983 Chrono-Stratigraphic Correlation of the Late Quaternary Lacustrine Sediments from Lake Erie
Twomey, Timothy J. 1983 Metallogeny and Soil Geochemistry of the Lakehead Gold Mines Property, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Dubyk, John Robert 1982 The Structure and Stratigraphy of an Archean Volcanic and Sedimentary Succession in the Kaministiquia Area
Dutka, Richard J. A. 1982 The Structure and Lithology of the Quetico Metasediments in the Atikokan Area
Cheadle, Burns Alexande 1981 The Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Rossport Formation Stratotype, Channel Island, Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Albrechtsons, Eric Alfreds 1981 The Geology of the Silica Claim Group, Red Hill Area, Near Ashcroft, British Columbia
Bennett, Robert Stanley 1981 The Geology and Structural History of Archean Rocks, Gunnar Grid, Beresford Lake, Manitoba
Clendining, Warren 1981 The Geology of Tectonism of Archean Rocks of Burnt Island and Vicinity East Bay, Dog Lake, Ontario
Foster, Terrance R. 1981 An Archean Pyroclastic and Epiclastic Sequence, Wawa-Abitibi Greenstone Belt
Gertzbein, Paul 1981 Cesium Concentration in Volcanic Rocks from the Freemans Cove Volcanic Suite by Neutron Activation Analysis
Kent, Alan 1981 Geology of the Craddock Cove Area: Coldwell Alkaline Complex Northwestern Ontario
Kite, Blair T. 1981 The Geology of the Zenith Zinc Deposit Near Schreiber, Ontario
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Pearson, John William 1981 The Geology of the Ingrid Group, Labrador
Scott, John 1981 Geology of the Buda Feldspar Occurrence Goldie Township District of Thunder Bay Ontario
Spence, Nicholas M. 1981 An Interpretation of the Quartz-Hematite Laminations of Mink Mountain, Ontario
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