University Policies and Procedures

The University Secretariat manages the development of policies through an impartial, fair governance process. To facilitate this process, members of the University community are encouraged to review the "Policy Governance Framework".

    View a complete list of University wide policies and procedures
    View a list of  enduring resolutions passed by governing bodies that members of the University require ongoing reference to
    View the committee Terms of Reference for the Board, Senate, Ogimaawin Indigenous Education Council, and other University groups

Policies Recently Added or Updated:

Enabling Motion - Approval of Graduands (previously named Enabling Motion - Graduands on Record)
Appointment of Deans Policy and Procedures (replaces Appointments: Deans Policy)
Sexual and Gender-based Violence Response Policy and Procedures (amendments to policy required by legislation)
Naming Policy (previously named Naming of Property Policy)
Board of Governors Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy (previously named "Board Diversity Policy")
Human Rights Policy and Procedures (previously named "Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedures")
Campus Flag and Object Display Policy and Procedures (previously named "Agora Flag Policy")
Social Media Policy and Procedures (previously named "Participation in Social Media Applications for Marketing and Communications Policy")
Brand Guidelines Policy (previously named "Visual Identity Policy - for Implementation")

Policy Review Schedule

Please provide feedback on any of the Board and Senate policies scheduled for review at Include the name of the policy you are commenting on in the subject line of your email.

If you require any of these documents in a different format please contact the Office of the University Secretariat.