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Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

No photoExecutive Assistant
Tel.:  807-343-8010 Ext. 8201 / Location:  UC 2003
Email: ea.vpri@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Appointments and/or messages for the Vice-President, Research and Innovation; general information regarding institutional processes for Canada Research Chair (CRC) nomination and/or recruitment.



Photo of Bethanie Kramer, Research and Innovation Events Coordinator and Administrative OfficerBethanie Kramer

Research and Innovation Events Coordinator and Administrative Officer
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 7289 / Location: FB 2013
Email: admin.vpri@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Information on internal research funding/awards, including Senate Research Committee (SRC) funds.

Office of Research

Research Administration Services

Photo of Anne Klymenko, Director, Research Services

Anne Klymenko
Director, Research Services
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 8223/ Location:  FB 2013C
Contact About
Operational procedures for the Office of Research Services; research related policies and procedures; research integrity; institutional research programs (CRCs, CFI); research infrastructure; advice on preparing major research proposals; research related promotion and media events.


No photoDarren Lampson
Research Business Analyst and Assistant to the Director
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 8934 / Location:  FB 2013
Email: research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  General inquiries regarding research administration and services; Romeo Research Portal database support, booking of appointments for Research Services staff.



Bethanie KramerBethanie Kramer      
Research and Innovation Events Coordinator and Administrative Officer
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 7289 / Location: FB 2013
Email: events.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Coordination of research workshops and events, including Research and Innovation Week.



Research Facilitation Services

Photo of Jocelyn Bel, PhD  Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Research FacilitatorJocelyn Bel, PhD
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and CIHR Research Facilitator
Tel.: 807-343-8010 ext 8926 / Location: FB 2004B
Email: edi.research@lakeheadu.ca or cihr.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Pre-award assistance through: grant applications in health and developing EDI plans in accordance with the new funding guidelines; development of new EDI training programs.


Photo of Andrew Hacquoil  Research Facilitator (Institutional Programs)Andrew Hacquoil
Research Facilitator (Institutional Programs)
Tel.:  807-343-8010 Ext. 8092 / Location:  FB 2013B
Email:  ahacquo1@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Major institutional funding applications such as the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Early Researcher Award, Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards, etc., appointment of postdoctoral fellows; invitations to visiting scholars.

Photo of Rebecca Heffernan, PhD., Research & Strategic Initiatives Facilitator

Rebecca Heffernan, PhD
Research & Strategic Initiatives Facilitator, Lakehead University Orillia
Tel.:  (705) 330-4008 ext 2022   / Location:  OR 1039
Email:  orillia.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About: General inquiries and advice on strategies to increase research and innovation capacity at the Orillia campus; for assistance establishing research collaborations, opportunities, and community and private sector partnerships in Orillia, Simcoe County, and beyond; assistance developing funding applications and proposals.

Photo of Alexandria Haslehurst, PhD  Research Facilitator (Natural Sciences, Engineering and Health)

Alexandria Haslehurst, PhD
Research Facilitator (Natural Sciences and Engineering)
Tel.:  807-343-8010 Ext. 8290 / Location:  FB 2013E
E-mail:  nserc.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Pre-award assistance through: grant applications in the natural sciences and engineering.


Photo of Jill E. Sherman International Research FacilitatorJill E. Sherman     
International Research Facilitator
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 8014 / Location:  FB 2013F
Email:  intl.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  International (inbound and outbound) research funding opportunities; pre-award assistance; international faculty and student mobility; Mitacs coordinator; international research partnerships and agreements; support for the CALAREO Consortium.



Photo of Nicole Westlund Stewart, PhD Research and Knowledge Mobilization FacilitatorNicole Westlund Stewart, PhD
Research and Knowledge Mobilization Facilitator (Social Sciences and Humanities)
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 8862 / Location:  FB 2013H
Email:  sshrc.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Pre-award assistance through: grant applications in the social sciences and humanities; knowledge-mobilization strategies and partnership development with the not-for-profit sector and government.



Research Ethics and Post-Award Services

Photo of Sue Wright Manager, Research Ethics and ContractsSue Wright
Manager, Research Ethics and Contracts
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 8283 / Location:  FB 2013A
Email:  susan.wright@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Ethics certification for research involving humans and animals. Research award/contract finalization, including Tri-council sub-awards; establishment of research accounts.


No photoDonna Garstin
Research Ethics Facilitator 
Research Office
Tel.: 807-343-8010 Ext. 8933 / Location:  FB 2013
Email:  research.ethics@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Administrative coordination of ethics certification for research involving humans.    


No PhotoUniversity Veterinarian
Contact About
:  Guidance and instruction on all aspects of Lakehead's Animal Care and Use Program, including laboratory animal health and welfare monitoring, clinical care, animal user training, AUP and SOP review, facility oversight and regulatory compliance.




Photo of Sarah Leduchowski, RVT Senior Animal Care TechnicianSarah Leduchowski, RVT
Senior Animal Care Technician
Tel.: 807- 346-7826 / Location:  LUACF (Munro St.) & BAF (Centennial Building)
Email:  sleduch1@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  Use of the Lakehead University Animal Care Facility (Munro St) and the Biology Aquatics Facility (Centennial Building). 

Office of the Associate-Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies

Photo of Emily Brooks  Administrative Assistant Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies OfficeEmily Brooks
Administrative Assistant, Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies Office (Part-time)
Tel.:  (807) 343-8010 ext. 8863 / Location: FB 2013
Email:  admin.research@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About: Appointments and/or messages for the Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies; information regarding Research Centres and Research Institutes; information regarding external Research awards and prizes; information regarding the Regional Research Fund.

Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS)

Photo of Francis Appoh Director, Analytical and Testing ServicesFrancis Appoh, PhD.
Director, Analytical and Testing Services
Tel.: 807-343-8853 / Location:  FB 1017A
E-mail:  fappoh@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About: Oversees Lakehead University’s Centre for Analytical Services, Instrumentation Laboratory and Paleo-DNA Laboratory. Specializes in Scanning Electron Microscopy.


No PhotoKaren Maa
Administrative Officer
Tel.:  807-343-8590 / Location:  FB 2004H
Email: kmaa@lakeheadu.ca
Contact About:  General office inquires, job costing, invoicing, accounts receivable, client support, marketing and promotion of analytical services.

Office of Innovation, Partnerships and Economic Development

Bill MaloneyBill Maloney
Director, Industry Research Partnerships
FB 2004A
(807) 343-8010 ext.8793
University-industry research partnerships, collaborative relationship building between researchers, industry partners and funding agencies, industry inquiries, assistance with funding applications, development and maintenance of relevant networks. Economic development initiatives.




Ellen MacKay - headshot 2022Ellen MacKay
Director, Innovation Development
FB 2004D
(807) 343-8010 ext.8724
emackay@lakeheadu.ca Intellectual Property Management; research award/contract negotiation and finalization, including negotiation of research agreements with industry, funding agencies and partners; material transfer, non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements; intellectual property protection (patent/copyright/trademark), commercialization and funding; licensing, spin-off company creation and commercial research proposal support; marketing support



Alyson MacKayAlyson MacKay
Manager, Ingenuity
FB 2004C
807-343-8010 ext.8324
Support with developing your startup business, resources available for business startup and development, events and workshops in Ingenuity, accessing the makerspace or media room in Ingenuity, developing entrepreneurial programming, delivering workshops focused on small business development.




Photo of Kelly FettesKelly Fettes
Administrative Officer
FB 2004
(807) 343-8010 ext.8871
Administrative management of all IPED activities; general office inquiries; how to get in touch with the Director, Industry Research Partnerships, or Director, Innovation Development; communicating IPED successes; supporting Lakehead’s commitment to Economic Development; planning and organizing Economic Development events; executing educational sessions, networking events, and other outreach initiatives.

Graduate Studies

Graduate student funding opportunities, including Ontario Graduate Scholarship and Tri-Council Scholarship applications, arranging payment of stipends and awards to graduate students from faculty research grants.  For more information, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


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