Office of the President

Lakehead University's President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Moira McPherson

Dr. Moira McPherson

I am especially proud to serve the Lakehead University community—our students, faculty, staff, and alumni—who, during a time when the routines and rhythms of our on- and off- campus lives have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, have adapted to ongoing and difficult challenges. While experiencing the tumult of the pandemic, we have become profoundly aware of how essential it is to learn from and support one another. Thank you, all, for your commitment to Lakehead.

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Message from the President

Lest we forget over a field of poppies

This week marks Indigenous Veterans Day (November 8) and Remembrance Day (November 11), a time when Canadians remember and honour the contributions and sacrifices of the many who have served in our Armed Forces, as well those who still proudly wear a uniform today.

This year also marks 80 years since the Dieppe Raid. Known as Operation Jubilee, the Raid on Dieppe began on August 19, 1942, when almost 5,000 Canadians, together with allies from Britain and the United States, went ashore on the heavily defended French coast. While the operation is regarded as a tremendous sacrifice, the mission proved invaluable in terms of lessons that would bolster the planning of D-Day and the Allied victory on the beaches of Normandy two years later.

This week, we remember the bravery of generations of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who have fought to protect the land we all come from and that we continue to build together.

I invite you all to wear a poppy as a symbol of remembrance and, if you are able, to participate in the various commemorative events happening in our communities and on both our campuses, including our Indigenous Veterans Day ceremony and exhibit in Lakehead Thunder Bay’s Agora (November 8), Remembrance Day ceremonies in our Agora (Thunder Bay) and Orsi Family Learning Commons (Orillia) the morning of November 11, or virtual events featured on the The Royal Canadian Legion’s official Facebook page.

Wherever you may be on November 8, and on November 11 at 11 am, please take a moment of silence to remember.

Lest we forget,

Dr. Moira McPherson
President and Vice-Chancellor