Craig S. Alford HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
The Structure of Archean Metasedimentary Rocks Near Max Lake, Ontario
Craig S.

The area of investigation is located in the Wabigoon subprovince of the Canadian Superior Province in Northwestern Ontario.

The rocks in the study area consist largely of graywackes of intermediate composition.

Turbiditic sedimentary features reflect a submarine fan environment.

The structure of the metasedimentary rocks is critically examined.

A well developed cleavage is present in the steeply dipping bedding planes of the sedimentary units.  The cleavage is shown to be axial planar to the dominant, sideways closing folds in the area.  Reversals in structural facing directions indicate that the cleavage developed in previously deformed rocks.  

A third deformation event produced locally occurring kink bands by shortening parallel to the bedding and the well developed cleavage in the rocks.