Ronald W. Stewart HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
The Structure and Lithology of the Quetico Metasediments in the Chub Lake - Little McCauley Lake Area
Ronald W.

The area of investigation is located at the interface of the Quetico and Wabigoon Subprovince of the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield, in Northwestern Ontario, about 235 kilometers west of Thunder Bay.

The Quetico Subprovince comprises a monotonous series of thin- to medium-based, metamorphosed mudstones, wackes and sandstones that display many of the primary sedimentary features attributed to turbidites.  To the north, a highly sheared polymictic conglomerate grades conformably into a mafic to intermediate tuff.  This shear zone, believed to represent rocks of the Quetico Fault zone, accentuates the boundary of the Quetico and Wabigoon Subprovinces at this point.

Greenschist facies metamorphic grade increases from chlorite zone in the north to biotite zone in the south. 

A single, dominant deformation event resulted in the development of two isoclinal folds with ENE striking axial surfaces accompanied by a discrete, penetrative and, probably axial planar cleavage.  These folds are identified as an antiformal syncline closing to the west and a synformal anticline closing to the east.  The folds have moderate to steeply plunging, curved hinge lines.   The structural facing of the folds of the Quetico metasediments varies from vertically downward- facing to eastward- facing