V.P. Van Damme HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Deposition and Diagenesis of Selected Sections in the Gunflint Formation
Van Damme

In this study of the Gunflint Formation a two part approach was taken in the determination of the depositional environments and diagenesis of selected sections.

A depositional systems method was employed consisting of a progression of lithofacies, lithofacies associations and depositional environments.  The model derived is from a genetic interpretation of the conditions that prevailed during sedimentation. 

Sequencing of post depositional alteration produces a branching pattern of mineralogic and textural variation in a separate evaluation of diagenesis.

Segmenting into depositonal and diagenetic systems is made in recognizing that the environment of deposition and the conditions of diagenesis are unique in their physical and chemical characteristics.

Primary textural considerations suggest carbonate deposition in an arid environment.  Diagenetic textures indicate that deposition was followed by early silica cementation accompanied by iron compounds.  Subsequent replacement and alteration results in the progressive elimination of primary, sedimentary, mineralogy and structure.