Adrian Simunovic HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Strain Analysis of a Deformed Polymict Conglomerate from the Wabigoon Subprovince

Adrian Simunovic - April 1985

The study area is located approximately 90 km north of Thunder Bay on Highway 527 which leads to Armstrong, Ontario.

Four outcrops of a polymict conglomerate were examined in detail.  The four exposures are all part of the same stratigraphic unit which forms a part of the Archean bedrock in this area.

Rf / ∅ analysis was used to determine an approximation of strain.  Granitic and volcanic clasts were treated separately.

Results show that due to competency contrasts the volcanic clasts reflect greater strain than the granite clasts. 

The harmonic mean of final pebble shape (Rf) was used as an approximation of Rs (strain ellipse shape) after Lisle (1977).

The averaged strain ellipsoid for the granite clasts and the volcanic clasts both, approximated a uniaxial pancake type ellipsoid (K = 0).