Richard J. A. Dutka HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
The Structure and Lithology of the Quetico Metasediments in the Atikokan Area
Richard J. A.

The study area is contained entirely within the Quetico Subprovince (of the Superior Province, Canadian Shield) in which a metasedimentary sequence is exposed.  The metasedimentary sequence consist of phyllites, wackes, sandstones, pebbly sandstones and conglomerates.  The metasediments exhibit many of the features characteristic of turbidites.  The Bouma sequence of internal sedimentary structures in the ideal turbidite bed occurs, in whole or part, throughout the area.  Many reasonably diagnostic sedimentary features suggest that the study area may be part of a large submarine fan.

Grade of the syn-tectonic metamorphism increases from north to south.  Compatible mineral assemblages characteristic of the chlorite and biotite zones of the low grade greenschist faces are defined.

Detailed structural mapping has led to the establishment of major anticline-syncline fold structures in the area.  One dominant folding episode, accompanied by a penetrative axial planar cleavage has produced easterly trending, moderately plunging fold structures.