Denis Daem Battrum HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Mineralogy and Sedimentation in the Kama Hill Formation of the Sibley Group
Denis Daem

The Kama Hill Formation of the Sibley Group has been sampled in detail at Albert Lake, Kama Hill and Stewart Lake.  Depositional microtextures such as interbedding of reworked and undisturbed laminae, soft-sediment deformation and clay galls suggest tidal flat sedimentation.  However, crossbeds, flaser bedding and substantial current ripple marks are not observed - thus, convincing evidence of tidal activity in not documented.

Salt casts, authigenic microcline, thomsonite and mixed-layer clay minerals point to a warm, semi-arid climate and a high pH, saline depositional and post-depositional environment.  Such a climate is consistent with paleo-equatorial position of the Sibley depositional site as preposed by Robertson (1973).