New Students

Congratulations on being admitted to Lakehead University! Your hard work, determination and commitment to your studies has paid off.

It's also a time to prepare and ensure you're completing all the necessary steps for a smooth transition to Lakehead. Use this guide below to help you through the coming weeks and months as you plan for your journey to university.

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Accepting your offer

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You’ve received an Offer of Admission! Your offer will indicate which program(s) you have received admission to, along with key dates and info.

Use this helpful guide to ensure you understand and confirm your offer.

Step 1: Carefully Review Your Offer of Admission Letter & Package

We know it is an exciting time, but, please read your Offer of Admission carefully. Your Offer will indicate which program(s) you have received admission to, along with important dates and information.

If your offer is 'conditional' with specific conditions outlined, you must satisfy those conditions in order to retain your Offer and spot within the program. All conditions of your Offer must be successfully met as detailed. Failure to meet your admission conditions will result in your Offer being withdrawn. If you intend to complete any of these conditions by taking summer school or correspondence courses, please let us know. You are responsible for ensuring that official notification of your mid-term and final marks are received by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission letter.

Please keep Student Central informed of any changes in your academic history, current registration, etc.

Step 2: Accept Your Offer of Admission

Once you receive your Offer, you can accept your Offer of Admission - this tells us that you plan to join us so we can reserve your spot in your program. This is a critical step and one that must be followed by the deadline in your Offer. In order for you to register for your courses, you must first accept your Offer and pay the confirmation deposit. 

The following outlines the steps to follow based on how you originally applied to Lakehead:

For Applicants that applied through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC):

You must accept your offer using your OUAC account. For more information on accepting your offer through OUAC, refer to the OUAC FAQ.

You must respond on or before the date indicated in your Offer of Admission as your Offer will expire after that date. Admission and registration at Lakehead University are conditional upon full compliance with all Lakehead University regulations and policies, including those respecting fees.

Step 3: Verify Your Acceptance

When it comes to your post-secondary education, you don't want to take a chance. It is important you ensure that when you Accepted your Offer that it was received. To ensure we have received your response, "Track My Application Status".

Refer to the program that you accepted. If the application status states "Offer Accepted", we have received your response and you can continue on to Step 4 below. Refer below for a screenshot. If you are a Juris Doctor applicant, your application status will state "Provisional Accept (law)" or "Firm Accept (law)", not "Offer Accepted".

Please note it takes approximately 48 hours to receive your response from the OUAC (you may not see your response right away!).

Screenshot of Confirmation of Deposit

Step 4: Submit Your Confirmation Deposit 

In addition to accepting your Offer, you are also required to submit your non-refundable confirmation deposit by the deadline stated in your Offer of Admission. This deposit will be applied to your tuition fees for the upcoming school year.

Before proceeding to the instructions below, make sure we have received your response (refer to Step 2 & 3). Given processing times, you cannot accept and confirm on the same day using this method. If you would like to accept and confirm on the same day, please try one of these other payment methods found here. We recommend the Internet or Telephone Banking option.

For instructions on how to use the confirmation deposit portal found in your account, refer below. 

Instructions for Paying your Confirmation Deposit:

To pay your confirmation deposit,

1. Access your myInfo account. If you cannot access myInfo, use the Account Recovery option. 
2. Ensure you are on the "Applicant" tab.
3. Click on "Pay My Confirmation Deposit"

You should see the following message:

Screenshot of Deposit Payment Page

4. Click "Continue".
5. Select your payment method from the drop-down list and click "Submit". Refer below for a screenshot. 

Screenshot of the confirmation deposit form

6. Click "Continue".
7. Complete the payment process, if applicable. 


Tuition, fees & funding your education

Your university education is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. So it only makes sense for students to ensure that they're up to date with tuition, fees, available payment methods and financial assistance programs such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

To help you with the costs involved, Lakehead University offers over $11 million in funding each year to new and returning students. While scholarships recognize academic achievement, awards are based on a combination of criteria, including academic merit and financial need.

Tuition & Fees

A guide on Tuition, Fees, Important Dates and how to to pay them.

About OSAP

A government funded assistance plan designed to assist students.

Housing, accommodations & our campuses

Explore our campuses and review your housing options, meal plans, and residence supports that will help you succeed in your studies.

Our Campuses and Hometowns

Get to know the city and the campus you'll call home.

Residence & Housing

New friends, new home, new adventures! Explore our housing options

Course registration

Please Note: For new Lakehead students, before you can register for courses, you will need to accept your Offer of Admission and pay your confirmation deposit.

Registration is an important step in your academic journey. In order to ensure the process goes smoothly for you, review the following information.

Step 1: Review your Program Requirements

Before registering, it is it important for you to review the Academic Calendar. The Academic Calendar contains information such as University, Faculty and Department regulations, program requirements and course descriptions, as well as course add and drop deadline dates. You need to be aware of, and become familiar with all regulations that govern your academic program at Lakehead University. Knowing this information will go a long way to helping you succeed and staying on track to completing your program.

To view your program requirements, go to the Programs & Faculties section of the Academic Calendar. Select your Faculty followed by either Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs, depending upon what you have been admitted to. Next, find your specific program within that department in order to get a detailed description of all courses you will need to take to complete your program.

When preparing for registration, it is also a good idea to review the list of courses required for your program. For example, if you are an Honours Bachelor of Arts English (HBA.ENGL) student, you would review your undergraduate program information on this page.

It is always best to plan your schedule in the same order as outlined in the Academic Calendar which is normally:

  • Required courses in your major
  • Required courses outside your major
  • Specified electives (these may be Special Categories, a specified subject or year level)
  • Open electives (these are courses which have the greatest flexibility of choice)
Step 2: Think About Course Planning & Selection 

Your program requirements will give you some flexibility in terms of what courses you can select. Take some time to think about those courses while becoming knowledgeable about how courses work and the various different types. Contact your program advisor when selecting courses, explore options for minors, certificates and other exciting credentials. Read more here  

Step 3: Pre-Plan & Build Your Timetable 

It is always a good idea to start planning your timetable before registration opens.  In doing so, you will be able to ensure your schedule is best-suited to your needs without having to rush. It will also allow you more time to review alternate choices for electives and ask questions. 

You will be notified through your Lakehead email account when you can start to "pre-build" your timetable using Pre-Registration Planning in MyServices. This is a great tool that allows you to search by subject, year level, instructor, term, delivery method, day of the week, etc. For the Fall term (September start), registration normally begins in mid-late June. 

Remember to take your program requirements and course selection planning into account. 

Step 4: Sign up for Fast Pass - A Registration Workshop for New Lakehead Students  

Fast Pass is an online pre-orientation program designed to help new students learn about the academic aspects of their university careers including course registration, program details, and university regulations.  Learn more about Fast Pass and stay tuned for upcoming dates. 

Orientation & events

Orientation is an important step in any students journey, but the fun doesn't have to stop there! We have plenty of events for our new students to help guide you as you research your options for studying at university. 

This is your opportunity to learn and ask your questions about admissions, programs, student life, and more!

Future Student Events

Learn and ask questions about admissions, programs, student life, and more.


Online and in-person events to get connected to the campus community

Resources for Indigenous Students

We are dedicated to supporting Indigenous students, faculty, and staff, and to promoting Indigenous knowledge and cultures across campus and beyond. Learn more about the resources we provide to our students here at Lakehead. Discover our resources

Indigenous Initiatives

Available to support any Indigenous student at Lakehead.

Indigenous Initiatives Events

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