Myra C. Kennedy HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Metamorphism and Structure Across the Quetico Structural Subprovince, Raith, Ontario
Myra C.

In a north-south traverse of the Quetico Subprovince (of the Superior Province, Canadian Shield) a metasedimentary sequence and a migmatitic sequence are exposed.  The metasedimentary sequence consists of slates and turbiditic greywackes.  Interbedded with these are calc-silicate rich horizons and nodules.  The metasediments are folded into a major F1 antiform and synform which are probably downward facing on the schistosity.  In the northern part of the study area a schistose migmatitic sequence is exposed separated from the metasediments by intrusive rocks.

Grade of the syn and post-tectonic metamorphism increases from south to north.  Low grade (chlorite, biotite), middle grade (staurolite, cordierite) and high grade (sillimanite) zones are defined.  A somewhat higher pressure assemblage, including staurolite, is probably post dated by a lower pressure assemblage, including cordierite.

A zone of largely ductile dislocation metamorphism in a zone known as the Quetico Fault, post dates the regional metamorphism.