John D. Young HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Studies of Ore Minerals from the Thunder Bay District, Ontario
John D.

A previously unidentified Cu-Pb-Bi-S mineral was found to be aikinite, a member of the aikinite-bismuthinite homologous series of sulphosalts, through the use of x-ray diffraction and precession analysis.  A noted compositional disparity from that of ideal aikinite was discerned.  Previous workers have attributed such compositional deviations to either limited solid solution or to disordered intergrowth of end members of the series.  An examination of % metals vs % sulphur has shown that both solid solution and disordered intergrowth mechanisms occur in the sample under study.

Three samples of Ag-Hg bearing material were analysed through the use of X-ray diffraction and elemental analysis in order to discern any structural variation from the face-centered cubic silver structure that might arise due to the mercury content.  The small size of the Big Harry vein specimen precluded any work being done on it.  The other two samples from Chile and British Columbia, previously identified as arquerite, were determined to be native lead and mercurian silver respectively.