Shawn Aris HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Chrono-Stratigraphic Correlation of the Late Quaternary Lacustrine Sediments from Lake Superior

Sixteen cores of Late Quaternary lacustrine sediments from Lake Superior were collecting during the summer of 1983.  Paleomagnetic ages for post-glacial to glacial-varve contacts were determined by correlating with the paleomagnetic 'type' logs of Creer and Tucholka, 1982.  This provided insight into the rate of glacial retreat and also the post-glacial sedimentologic history of Lake Superior.

The rate of glacial retreat appears to have been uneven over time but generally followed a northeast direction.  Glacial varve deposition ended about 8700 years BP in the southeastern part of the lake and about 8000 years BP in the Nipigon Bay region.  Rates of sedimentation varied greatly throughout the lake but generally were related to the various lake phases of Lake Superior during post-glacial time.