Getting Involved

As a Lakehead student, getting involved is just as important as your time inside the classroom.

We recognize the importance of a well-rounded student experience that will contribute towards your academic and personal growth. From getting involved in student clubs and academic student societies to playing a sport and cheering on your teams, there are so many ways to get involved in shaping your educational experience. The time you spend outside of the classroom is an important part of your university experience – make the most of what we offer - get involved, have fun and show your Thunderwolf spirit.

Student Union (LUSU)

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) gives you the chance to become involved in academic, political and social affairs. Whether you have dreams of becoming the next LUSU President or part of the Executive Team or part of the University Senate as a Student Representative, there are so many ways for you to play a bigger role. 

LUSU also runs a number of Centres that work together to make the world a better place. Opportunities to get involved with, or participate in activities offered by the Multicultural Centre, Gender Equity Centre, Pride Central, among others are perfect ways to be engaged in your university.  


Participating in club activities and getting involved in other extracurricular opportunities are some of the best ways to make new friends! Join one of over 60 clubs on campus, or start your own! Check out the full list of existing clubs:  

Student Societies

Student societies are another great way to get involved. These societies are typically tied to your academic program. For instance, the Nursing Society or Engineering Student Society are ways to meet students from your program, plan events and socials and contribute towards great causes. 

LU Radio and The Argus

Host your own show on LU Radio, our community-based campus radio station, or get involved with the student newspaper, the Argus.

Leadership Opportunities - LEAD & EXCEL

There are other ways to contribute to the campus community by volunteering your time and enjoy opportunities to build leadership skills. The LEAD program in Thunder Bay and EXCEL program in Orillia are centred around providing students like you with valuable leadership learning experiences.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorship is a great way for you to help other students as they transition to their first year of studies at Lakehead. Opportunities to get involved with the Aboriginal Mentorship Program exist or even Mentorship Programs tied to academic programs like the Department of History. 

Residence Life Team

As a destination university, residence life at Lakehead is best in class. Our Residence Life Team ensures your time in residence is focused on academic success and personal growth. Check out some of the ways you will make a difference by joining to be part of this dynamic team. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Other volunteer experiences also exist such as joining the Student Ambassador Program, become an Orientation volunteer or an International Student Buddy, or create your own new opportunities for volunteerism at Lakehead University.

Co-Curricular Record - Track Your Involvement

At Lakehead, outside the classroom experiences can be recognized on your Co-Curricular Record. Your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a personal record of all of your out-of-classroom, non-credit experiences and activities that you have participated in while at Lakehead University. It validates all your hard work while highlighting the learning outcomes and non-academic skills you’ve gained by being involved.