David M. Gauthier HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Magmatic flow from magnetic fabrics in the Sheeted dike complex, Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus
David M.

Orientation distributions of crystals were determined for 291 samples of the Sheeted Dike Complex of the Troodos ophiolite, located on the island of Cyprus.  These were inferred from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS), anisotropy of anhysteretic remanent magnetism (AARM), and natural remanent magnetism (NRM).  From these data the dispersion of magmatic flow fabrics with a mild tectonic overprint were recognized.

The study area (~60km2) is located near the Arakapas Fault Belt (AFB), a fossil transform fault in the Western Limassol Forest Complex, which was responsible for the tectonic overprint.

The predominantly magmatic AMS fabrics combine normal, inverse, and tectonic components, making the interpretation of magmatic flow ambiguous.  NRM vectors, both before and after low-temperature demagnetization (LTD), generally trend north, and show an anticlockwise tectonic offset progressively with distance from the AFB.  AARM fabrics do define magmatic flow in the dikes, which in all sub-areas was steeply up and to the southwest.  This indicates that the magma chamber that fed these dikes must have been located somewhere to the north (present co-ordinates) of the study area.  These results imply localized magma chambers, thereby supporting the slow-spreading origin of the Troodos crust.