Katherine A. Bruce HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Surface Exploration Using Glacial Dispersal Patterns at the Golden Patricia Gold Mine, Pickle Lake, Ontario

A study was undertaken at the Golden Patricia Mine in Northwestern Ontario to determine the applicability of geochemical sampling in the mine area.  Four different sites were mapped in detail and 50 samples were collected in total.  All diamicton samples were analyzed for whole rock composition by ICP and XRF, and for gold values by fire assay/AAS.  The major sediment cover in the area is flow diamiction with isolated areas of locally derived diamicton.  The depositional environment is thought to be a proglacial setting, dominated by massive debris flows.  The flow material is poorly-sorted and does not indicate any noticeable geochemical trends which would suggest the presence of a glacial dispersal train.  All data supports the conclusion that geochemical sampling in the area would not prove useful as an indicator of possible up-ice source of economic mineralization.