David Lawrence Nicol HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
The Structure of Archean Metasedimentary Rocks Near Geraldton, Ontario
David Lawrence

The area of this study occupies a transitional terrane between the Quetico and the Wabigoon subprovince, near Geraldton, Ontario.

Rocks in the study area have been grouped into four categories including metasedimentary rocks, conglomerates, iron formations, and intrusive rocks.  The vast majority of outcrops visited were metasedimentary rocks.  All rocks in the study area have been metamorphosed to the lower Greenschist facies.

Detailed structural mapping has led to the establishment of major fold structures.  Evidence suggests that the rocks have been subjected to at least two episodes of folding.  Dominant folds have a consistent shallow plunge to the west.  A shear zone has affected the rocks and trends from east to west, roughly through the center of the study area.  The shear zone divides the area into two domains:  north of the shear zone folds face upward to the west; folds south of the shear zone face downward to the east.