Zachary Prinsloo Honours Thesis Abstract

Thesis Title: 
Mineralogy and Petrogenesis Hindon Cu-PGE Prospect, Central Ontario

The Hindon prospect is located on two leucocratic to mesocratic gabbro sills located 185 km north of Toronto Ontario. The sill has been interpreted as having evolved in the central gneiss belt during the Grenville orogeny. The Hindon property has historically been described as a folded gabbro sill, this is hard to reconcile due to an obvious lack of metamorphic texture. Since copper sulfides were discovered on the property in the 1950’s various work has been performed with in the property. Assays have shown a mix of promising copper results as well as possible PGE mineralization. Little is known about the structure and genesis of the gabbro; however, the two zones of the property show distinctly similar characteristics and therefore most likely share the same genesis. Copper mineralization is abundant but disseminated throughout the property. It is likely that the historically accepted mode of genesis for the gabbro with in the Hindon property is inaccurate, it is very likely that the gabbro intrusion occurred after the Grenville Orogeny.