Ronald M. Campeau HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Project WAPA: A Lead-Zinc Occurrence in Middle Devonian Carbonates of Northern Saskatchewan
Ronald M.

A Middle Devonian carbonate-hosted lead-zinc-flourite occurrence was studied in northern Saskatchewan.  Drill core was obtained from Canadian Occidental Petroleum Limited, Minerals Division.  Because fluid inclusion temperatures of about 100°C were obtained, it is likely that these temperatures could only be achieved by pore fluids originating from a large basin outside the study area.  Fluids transporting lead and zinc likely used the Cambro-Ordovician sandstone as an aquifer.  The reason for precipitation of the sulphides specifically in the grey argillaceous bed of the Smoothstone River Formation is obscure.  It was found that mineralization from the study area has many similarities to that found in most deposits located in the Mississippi Valley area of the United States.