Murray J. Watt HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
A Biogeochemical Study of the Influence of Lithology and Topography on Foliar Nutrient Levels in Vegetation Growing on Two Contrasting Rock Types in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario
Murray J.

The purpose of this study was to provide biogeochemical data for a remote sensing companion study.  Rock, soil, and foliar samples were collected from an area covering two contrasting rock types - metavolcanic rocks and metasedimentary rocks.  The study area was located in the south east portion of Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario.  The foliar samples collected were Abiesbalsamea (L.) Mill, Acer spicatum Lam., Betula papyrifera Marsh., and Thuja occidentialis L..  The whole rock composition of rocks and soils were determined using X-ray fluorescence.  Mineralogy of soils was determined using X-ray diffraction techniques.  Foliar nutrient compositions were determined using Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometry.  Levels of foliar nutrients appear to be controlled by an array of factors.  Trends are more evident for foliar nutrient levels growing on the relatively homogeneous metavolcanic rocks than on the more chemically complex metasedimentary rocks.  Possible effects of nutrient inhibition and pH inhibition appear on some trends.