Current Honours students


A list of Honours theses completed in the Geology Department can be found here. For a list of recently completed theses please click here.

Ethan Brand
Was the Archean Ocean Stratified with Respect to Carbon Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements?
Supervisors - Dr. Philip Fralick
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Conway Brown
A Microstructural Analysis of Alto's Miner Lake Property
Supervisor - Dr. Mary Louise Hill
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Nicholas Craik
Exploring Subaerial Redox Environments in the Mesoproterozoic Copper Harbor and Rossport Formations
Supervisors - Dr. Philip Fralick
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Maddison Hodder
A Geochemical Study of Granites from the Northern Revell Batholith"
Supervisors - Dr. Shannon Zurevinski
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Mitchell Marcelissen
Mineral Chemistry of a Porphyry System in Gaspé, Quebec
Supervisor - Dr. Peter Hollings
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Daniel Putman
Anomalous Mn Concentrations in the 1.88 Ga Gunflint Formation Outer Shelf Depositional System