Current Honours students

A list of Honours theses completed in the Geology Department can be found here. For a list of recently completed theses please click here.

Conner Arts
Depositional Processes of Massive Sandstone Layers in the Sub-Aqueous Portion of the Sibley Group Delta
Supervisor - Dr. Phillip Fralick
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Daniel Barrett
Microstructural analysis of the Hardrock project in Geraldton, Ontario. 
Blaize Briggs
Metamorphism of the Quetico-Wabigoon Transect along the Armstrong highway
Supervisor - Dr. Mary Louise Hill
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Nina Buchanan
Mineralogy and Petrology of the Saturday Night Intrusion, NW Ontario, Canada
Supervisor - Dr. Shannon Zurevinski
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Ashley Levins
Comparing Petrographic Descriptions to Corescan 
Supervisors - Dr. Peter Hollings
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Sharanya Manickam
Sedimentology and Geochemistry of carbonate layers in the Paleoproterozoic Rove Formation, Superior Province
Supervisor - Dr. Phillip Fralick
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Joshua McQuade
Sulfur Isotopes as a record of differential contamination along Cu-PGE mineralized Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Canada
Supervisors - Dr. Peter Hollings
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Ragi Ramesh
Exploring the Primary Mineralogy of Archean, Calcite Crystal Fans
Supervisor - Dr. Phillip Fralick
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