George Ernest Chabot HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Fabric of Archean Turbidites of the Hazelwood Lake Area, Thunder Bay, Ontario
George Ernest

The study area includes Hazelwood Lake and vicinity and is situated north of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Metasedimentary rocks dominate and form part of the Shebandowan-Wawa volcanic-plutonic belt.  They form sequences of interbedded greywackes and mudstones and exhibit many of the features characteristic of turbidites.  The framework minerals, in order of abundance, are quartz, feldspar and rock fragments.  The rock fragments are mainly felsic volcanics with lesser amounts of plutonic rock fragments.

The Bouma sequence of internal sedimentary structures present in the ideal turbidite bed occurs, in whole or part, throughout the area.  It appears, that in the area, the rocks are folded in a series of gently plunging folds with steeply dipping axial surfaces.  To some extent, the evidence suggests multiple episodes of folding to have occurred.

The majority of the turbidites are characteristic of distal deposition.  The presence of proximal beds intermixed with distal beds is probably the result of contribution of detritus from multiple sources.  The rock fragments indicate a mixed felsic-volcanic and granitic provenance.