Philip Escher HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Structural Controls on Gold Mineralization within the Eastern Peewatai Pluton, Shebandowan Greenstone Belt

The Gold Creek prospect is hosted in a brittle-ductile shear zone within the eastern margin of the Peewatai pluton, a dioritic to monzodioritic intrusion in supracrustal rocks of the Greenwater and Shebandowan assemblages, within the Shebandowan greenstone belt of the southern Superior province.  The deformed plutonic host rock, a quartz-feldspar gneiss, is cross-cut by discrete east-northeast-to east-trending dextral shear zones.  Gold mineralization occurs in approximately north-trending extensional veins, which are hosted entirely within quartz-feldspar gneiss along the contact of ductile shear zones.  The emplacement of the auriferous extensional veins is interpreted to have taken place contemporaneously during dextral shearing.