Robert Stanley Bennett HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
The Geology and Structural History of Archean Rocks, Gunnar Grid, Beresford Lake, Manitoba
Robert Stanley

Volcanic rocks in the area form part of an Archean volcano-sedimentary succession.  The rocks have been subjected to three episodes of deformation.  Minor folds in the area have formed on the southwest limb of a regional anticlinal structure.  The axial surface of the regional anticline strikes north-northwest and dips steeply to the northeast.  The minor folds were superimposed by small-scale folds and chevron folds of a later folding episode.  A prominent crenulation cleavage and kink banding accompanied this folding event.  The final deformation is expressed by the development of kink bands which are overprinting pre-existing structures.

Plutonic rocks were emplaced and their outcrop pattern is elongated parallel to the axial surface of the regional anticlinal structure.