Douglas B. McKay HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Application of Ion Exchange to Neutron Activation Analysis of REE in Geologic Samples
Douglas B.

This thesis is in two parts.  Part One compares Ion Exchange and Oxalate Precipitation as post irradiation techniques for isolation of Rare Earth Elements (REE) from geologic samples prior to analysis by gamma ray spectrometry.  Ion Exchange, although effective, was determined to be less applicable than Oxalate Precipitation.

Part Two concerns the distribution of REE in silica undersaturated rocks from Uvalde, Texas.  REE distributions suggest that phonolites in the region may be related to rephelinites in the region through processes of fractional crystallization involving kaersutite (amphibole).  Similarities between REE distribution patterns for melilite-olivine nephelinites from Texas and various European melilitites suggest that each may have resulted from similar degrees of partial melting of parental materials having similar initial REE abundances.