Undergraduate Research @ Lakehead


Undergraduate research matters!

This page has been developed specifically for Lakehead University undergraduate students in order to promote undergraduate research at Lakehead as well as to provide information on external funding opportunities geared to undergraduates at Lakehead.

 Presenter speaking at 2020 Undergraduate Student Research Conference

Lakehead University Undergraduate Student Research Conference

Attention Undergraduates! 

Participate in Research Innovation Week's 2022 Undergraduate Student Research Conference! 

For registration information, please check the following site for information on this event in the coming months.

 Presenters at 2020 Undergraduate Student Research Conference Poster Session


Undergraduate Funding Opportunities

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Mitacs Inc.
      • Accelerate (Open Call)
      • Globalink Research Award (GRA) - International (Open Call)
      • Globalink Research Award Thematic Call (GRATC) - 2022 Deadline November 25, 2022
      • Germany: Mitacs-DAAD RISE-Globalink Research Internship - Deadline December 15, 2022 for Summer 2023 
      • Business Strategy Internships (BSI) (Open Call)
CALAREO Global Skills Opportunity:       CALAREO Opportunities
    • Medium-term (12-16 weeks) research internships in Colombia and Mexico, in collaboration with Mitacs - MITACS supplement not currently available in Ontario - OPEN CALL  - Can be done as a co-op!
    • Short-term (1-4 weeks) research internships in Latin America and the Caribbean - to accompany a Lakehead Faculty member  on a research project.  Must be nominated by the professor.
    • Short-term (2-4 weeks) Field school / study tours in Latin America and the Caribbean, lead by a Lakehead Faculty member.   Must be nominated by a faculty member.