Joel L. Hrominchuk HBSc thesis abstract

Thesis Title: 
Iridium Concentration as an Estimator of Instantaneous Mass Accumulation Rates for the Lumby Lake and Finlayson Lake Greenstone Belts, Wabigoon subprovince, Ontario
Joel L.

The purpose of this study was to estimate the relative accumulation rates of different sediment types within the Lumby Lake and Finlayson Lake Greenstone Belts.  Platinum group element (PGE) geochemistry (specifically iridium values), major and trace element geochemistry, cosmic element abundances, and a constant influx of extraterrestrial material for the Earth were used in calculations to determine the sedimentation rate.  Sedimentation rates calculated represent minimum values due to a probable decrease in cosmic influx rates through time.  Ascertaining the relative sediment accumulation rates for various lithologies, especially of certain chemical sedimentary units not presently forming represents an important advance in our understanding of Mesoarchean depositional systems.