Kanoko Tsuchiya

"Right now I'm working as a Northern Lights Guide in Yellowknife. I interpret northern lights and the city of Yellowknife for our customers from all over the world.

The reason I chose Lakehead University is simply because I knew they had a unique program, which was my program, Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism (ORPT). I was very interested in outdoor education, national parks and tourism, so the program offered at Lakehead was perfect for me. I didn't specify my major so I took all classes that were interesting to me.

One of the best experiences at Lakehead, which had a great impact on my life, was a directed study that took me to Churchill, Manitoba in my 4th year. It was a very unique experience and the tourism there was fascinating. After the trip, I expressed more interest in polar tourism. I studied how it works and what problems they are facing. In a nature-based tourism class, I researched northern lights tourism, leading to my current job.

Without the lovely advisors from the Academic Support Zone, the Student Success Centre, and my classes at Lakehead with great professors and nice friends and classmates, I wouldn't have made it to Yellowknife. I am working in such freezing weather, but with beautiful northern lights. I'm happy that I went to Lakehead."