Khalid Adam Osman Yahia

“During my degree, I gained hands on experience through field school and by working for a mining company in the summer. I just graduated, have already started a new job, and Lakehead helped me prepare for it. Not only was the chair of my program very helpful during my studies, but my classmates were also supportive.”

Siyao (Sharon) Yang

“I enjoyed studying in small-sized classes because this offered me more opportunities to participate in class. Field school was the best hands-on experience I ever had. We got the chance to see nature in Thunder Bay, different places in Canada, and even around the world. During field school, we collected data under the instruction of professors. Later this data was used in class projects. Putting what we learned into practice, with the help of professors, was amazing.”

Vonnie Kam-Lai Cheng

“What inspired me most about student life at Lakehead is the ease with which one can develop a close connection with faculty and fellow students. This made it less intimidating and freer for me to voice my opinions. At Lakehead, one would not stay anonymous or invisible for long. My mulit-disciplinary studies have been invaluable in helping me develop the communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills crucial for my work. I am deeply indebted also to the personal connections I made during my Lakehead years.

Neha Kapoor

 "One of the best things about Lakehead would be its faculty and staff, who are not only highly experienced but are also very friendly and accessible to all students. They all are playing a big part of developing students’ unique skills and talents. I also have had some awesome moments working in the Multi-Cultural Centre of Lakehead Student Union (LUSU). This is where I got the opportunity to be a part of a huge diversified group of students working to share the positive environment around campus through various activities."

Bolu Fabanwo

"Back when I started my degree, my roommate, Eric went out of his way to help me get involved and meet new people. He inspired me to try to do the same for others. I got really involved in student life, clubs and athletics. This helped me build connections with staff, faculty and other students. It has made me more comfortable talking to people. My perspective on life has also changed, and I really think that's because of all the different people I've met. I've been exposed to new cultures and built so many connections, and that's really broadened my horizons."