Shengtai Li

Lakehead academic English program was the first class I took in my first year before I enrolled in MBA, it was by far the most useful. It has noticeably improved both my writing and speaking skills. The program teaches us how to properly write summaries, how to structure essays, within the grateful experiences I had in the AEP class and followed the amicable and joyful atmosphere to learn and to research and cite sources properly, and even how to use appropriate and effective grammar. All these academic and memorable learning experiences helped me accumulated solid stepping stones for further lifetime study.

The AEP class gave me more than valuable academic preparation but also a lot after class activities such as outdoor short trips in town. Those activate took me to be quickly familiar with the lovely city I live in and provided me with decent friendships with different backgrounds of students all over the world. Unlike many courses, which sometimes seem only to make you memorize facts and concepts that only apply to that topic or area of study, the AEP inspires students to explore and develop together and enhance English skills that you can use in further study. And this is the main motivation guide me to be one of the AEP student assistant team, I wish to pass the kindness and experience to the next student who might need, just as who helped me when I enjoyed the first day in my AEP class.