Mann Koner

My First Year Experience

"Of the five universities that I was considering, Lakehead University was my first choice and the first to send me a Letter of Acceptance. Lakehead stood out to me for a few reasons: I wanted to study in the province of Ontario, the Faculty of Business is one of the few to be internationally-accredited by the AACSB, and since Thunder Bay is a smaller city, being engaged in the community is actually easier. (I found a part-time job within the first month of living here!)

I appreciate that Lakehead hosts a lot of activities for International and Canadian students, and I've attended many of them. With the student union, I had the chance to go downhill skiing and snow tubing for the first time in my life and go ice skating on Lake Tamblyn right here on campus. It was super fun! I also attended a big Diwali party that the Indian Student Association organized at a local Indian restaurant.

My favourite Canadian 'first' was attending a true Christmas party that my favourite Business professor hosted. It was so exciting to see how decorated the house was and to experience this big occasion...with fellow students and my professor!
In fact, one of my favourite things about Lakehead is how the professors interact with the students. The relationship between students and professors is very open—their way of teaching, connecting and communicating with me and helping, whether by email or in person. I had a math class that I was worried about this semester, but my professor helped me a lot when I had extra questions. In the end I was able to tell my mom that I got 88%!

Since starting university here, I've become more self-disciplined. I always plan ahead. The scholarship offered to me by Lakehead University along with my part time job allows me to be self-sufficient without the need to seek financial aid from my mom. Plus, I went to the international advisor several times whenever I had questions. He was always available to assist me.
One thing that I really liked about Canada and Thunder Bay specifically is that the people are extremely nice. They smile at you and greet you and from them I have learned to smile back.

My advice to future students is to be aware of, and take advantage of, all the facilities and services that are available to you as a student. This is your university life—it won't come back. You have to experience it fully!"