Mary Wokomah

"Our professors in the Business program really go above and beyond to help and support their students, and they structure our classes so that we get to actively participate rather than just listening to lectures.

Lakehead has also given me a lot of hands-on experience throughout my degree, especially through the cooperative education program. In my third year, I decided to do my co-op as a Client Advisor with RBC. I loved the experience so much that I am still working with them now, three years later.

The topics I learn about in my classes have really been applicable to my life and helped shape me for the future. I would have never been able to start my own business confidently without the education and support that I received from Lakehead. They teach you not only theoretical concepts, but also how to think critically, discover problems and create solutions, and they provide you with the experiential opportunities to put into practice everything you are learning. 

Studying Business at Lakehead has also taught me to be perceptive as to what people will like and what areas I should target as an entrepreneur. When COVID first began, I was still working at RBC throughout lockdown, and in my spare time I had started painting. I began asking myself how I could combine my artwork with something practical and began thinking of business ideas. In the end I created my business called Sunkissed Universe where I sell painted tote bags as well as custom art pieces. With COVID, we have realized that individuality and mental health are really big things. And so now I have the opportunity to be imaginative and paint something that people can look at and feel inspired by everyday.

I can really tell that Lakehead wants to support their students and help them go far in life, even after graduation. I really feel like Lakehead has my back."