Ankit Raj

IT Developer / Analyst, Canada Revenue Agency in Ottawa

"Coming from a big, over-populated city in India, it was refreshing for me to move to a city that offers a perfect balance between 'Living in the City' and 'Living in the Wild'. I am a nature enthusiast, and I love to hike and seek opportunities to stay close to nature. Thunder Bay provided everything I wanted in a beautiful package of academic and recreational activities. Another major reason I chose Lakehead was for its co-op program.

Beili Yin

"As soon as I arrived at Lakehead I had a lot of help from the nice ladies in the career zone. They really helped me find my job and set up my co-op and I was really happy to have their support and to now have my co-op experience. I am doing my co-op work as a software engineer at PointClickCare and right now the project I am in is machine learning related so it is quite close to what I’m learning at Lakehead. The work I do is with development for cloud based machine learning services, resolving security risks and vulnerabilities for the internal microservices.

Ryan Grow

"Getting to do fisheries research on Lake Superior has been a major highlight! My project centers around using new up-looking sonar technology to improve population estimates and our understanding of the movement of fish species in Lake Superior. The main species that I am currently focusing on include Cisco, Lake Trout, and Lake Sturgeon; all of which are extremely important ecologically, culturally, and economically to the Great Lakes region.

Lin Fang

"When I arrived, I studied with different professors, listened to their lectures, and read different western literature. To me, this deepened my understanding of the advanced education system here and greatly helped me in my current job with the Thunder Bay Catholic School Board. Although this is a short-term job, it is interesting. I get to teach little kids math and spelling. I have learned a lot of practical skills. I am hoping to keep working in the field of education. I think the knowledge Lakehead gave me will make my steps more steady in my future career."

Loveena Stephen

"The Computer Science program has a co-operative education option, and I got to do a paid internship at IBM in Toronto for 16 months, which helped me to fund my studies. After graduating, I was hired by Slalom in Toronto to help clients set up a Salesforce CRM solution. As an engineer on the team, I build custom functionality enabling Salesforce to meet client-specific requirements. Lakehead gave me the opportunity to understand myself, helped me see what is best for me, and taught me how to analyze situations. These life lessons are going to stay with me wherever I go."

Sadaf Rahman Khan

“I worked as a teacher for a long time before making a decision to upgrade my education. I chose Lakehead University because it provides a high standard of education, yet is very affordable both in terms of academic and living costs. Classes are small and it is easier to know your peers and professors. I always felt a kind of bonding among my classmates and with professors. Lakehead has provided me with great experience and a high class education. It helped me to explore myself and to understand what I am capable of on my own.” 

Adekunbi Zainab Arogundade

“Lakehead University is one of the very few schools in Canada that provides a specialization in Gerontology. I wanted to have an increased knowledge in another field while still gaining expertise in Sociology. The different resources and staff available on campus for student success, like the Writing Centre and the helpful library staff, went a long way in supporting me during my time at Lakehead.”