Mariam Abdulla Alameri

"Lakehead University was my first choice after completing my higher diploma as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist. It was the university where I could get both quality education and the most efficient schedule which mattered so much to me as I had plans to return home as soon as I could to pursue my career as an engineer and a hockey player in the national team.

Most of my professors made an effort to connect what they were lecturing to real life situations, which gave more meaning to the curriculum and made me more excited to learn. I remember clearly the day one of my professors took the time to explain the real circumstances we'd be working under. As a student back then who had never worked as an engineer, I had no idea what was waiting for me until he shared that knowledge.

The amount of nature that surrounds the campus is amazing. I remember that even on the busiest days, my walk from my dorm in North Residence to my class by Lake Tamblyn would be such a stress relief and I would soak all the fresh air in."

Mechanical Engineering in the Energy Sector, Abudhabi
Official Member of the UAE Women's Ice Hockey Team