Marco Josué Quirós Gómez

My experience at Lakehead University was more than an internship. In 2019, I participated in the Business Innovative Program with a group of students and professors from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology. The experience was enlightening in three main ways. The first one is related to academic and professional growth, especially because the program was a meaningful learning experience along with the guidance of an excellent teacher and the Lakehead team. The second reason is related to the cultural exchange because we also had the opportunity to perform different volunteering projects in Orillia, which allowed us to interact with society and learning even more about their culture. Finally, as we were in the country for three weeks, we got to visit so many amazing and beautiful places, including lakes, museums, castles, stadiums and the iconic Niagara Falls.  

These kinds of experiences are which make us better professionals, but even more important, better human beings. After studying at Lakehead, the outlook and expectations get wider, showing us that our capabilities and skills are greater than we realize and confirming that there is a whole world waiting for us.