Beili Yin

"As soon as I arrived at Lakehead I had a lot of help from the nice ladies in the career zone. They really helped me find my job and set up my co-op and I was really happy to have their support and to now have my co-op experience. I am doing my co-op work as a software engineer at PointClickCare and right now the project I am in is machine learning related so it is quite close to what I’m learning at Lakehead. The work I do is with development for cloud based machine learning services, resolving security risks and vulnerabilities for the internal microservices. My favourite part about my co-op is getting to experience the working culture in Canada. Back home, my work environment had a strict hierarchy and there was a lot of bureaucracy which I wasn’t really fond of. But the working culture in Canada is much more relaxed and everyone talks to each other as friends and equals which really impresses me."