Marteena Aal-hano

From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed. The city of Oslo is a beautiful place to live, with stunning natural landscapes and a vibrant cultural scene. The educational system in Norway is also top-notch, and I was impressed by the level of support and resources available to students. Through my exchange experience in Norway, I gained a global perspective. I also had the chance to explore the city and its surroundings, including taking hikes in the beautiful forests and visiting the fjords. These experiences gave me a sense of adventure and helped me to develop a deeper appreciation for nature and the environment.

My time in Oslo was an incredible journey that has changed my life in countless ways. The experiences, knowledge, and relationships I gained while living there will stay with me forever. I was also lucky enough to make many friends during my time in Oslo, from both Norway and other countries. I would highly recommend Oslo to anyone considering studying abroad, as I believe that it is truly one of the best places to experience life as an exchange student.