Melissa Rodríguez Vargas

Last summer of 2019 I spent three weeks in the Lakehead University campus in Orillia, Canada, as part of an English Innovation Program. There, I had the opportunity to take classes about business and entrepreneurship with an amazing teacher, which resulted in very useful for me because I was not very used to those subjects since I'm an engineering student and we don't normally get the chance to learn much about that. As a student, it was truly rewarding, not only for the fact that we did presentations, workshops, and little research about interesting topics but also because taking those classes in English really helped me to improve my English skills such as writing, listening and speaking.

During my stay, I was always treated very kindly by everyone on campus, especially when I accidentally got injured, fortunately, that didn't stop me from doing the planned social and cultural activities, since most of my photos, souvenirs and treasured memories are from the trips we did. I definitely brought a piece of Orillia to my heart after doing volunteer work in the community, where I met the most remarkable places and people of the entire journey. I am very grateful to all the people who made that trip and that program possible. Attached photo of a common summer day in Orillia after school, and another photo of my favourite volunteer of all, the Orillia Museum of Art and History.