Yash Gupta

"I chose to study at Lakehead because the program and the scholarships were better than other universities. After choosing Lakehead, I first arrived in Thunder Bay at 3:00 which felt strange, but the people were really nice, and they helped me. On my first day, I met the chair of my department and I felt that Lakehead was really welcoming. In my opinion, it's the people that make the university.

My classes are not very large, so professors have the opportunity to interact with each student. My professors are friendly and I interact with them on a daily basis, which is something my friends at other universities don't get. Every professor has made an impact on me. For example, my Computer Programming professor would take time outside of class to tell me more about his work in the field and projects that he was involved in. I'm still in touch with him, and he is even one of my references on my resume.

Outside of class, I'm involved with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). This is a professional association that sets standards for industry world-wide. In the Lakehead chapter, I am their treasurer and help organize events, conferences, talks, and meet & greets. At Lakehead, it's easy to get involved and network within the industry, which will help me in my career."