Yichen Zhang

“In my Education programs, I have hands-on experience that I give me a chance to work at an elementary school. I was in charge of a group of grade 6 students. I can also apply many tips I learned from the courses I took to my placement. Studying at Lakehead and interacting with my classmates also give me an idea of how my future students will interact with each other.

Sergio Beltran Obiol

Student in the Lakehead-Georgian Computer Science partnership program

"This program allows me to earn both a diploma and degree at the same time, so by the time some people have earned only a degree or a diploma, I will earn both. The smaller class sizes at Lakehead-Georgian mean that I get personalized help because the teacher-student connection is so strong. I am still in contact with my previous professors, and sometimes we even discuss projects or possible jobs."

Mann Koner

My First Year Experience

"Of the five universities that I was considering, Lakehead University was my first choice and the first to send me a Letter of Acceptance. Lakehead stood out to me for a few reasons: I wanted to study in the province of Ontario, the Faculty of Business is one of the few to be internationally-accredited by the AACSB, and since Thunder Bay is a smaller city, being engaged in the community is actually easier. (I found a part-time job within the first month of living here!)

Yuxi Yao

"I heard about Lakehead University from the University Fair held by my high school. I chose to come to Lakehead because of the partnership between my high school and Lakehead University. When I first arrived in Canada, I was impressed by the fresh air. People here in Thunder Bay are very nice and friendly.

Bolu Fabanwo

"Back when I started my degree, my roommate, Eric went out of his way to help me get involved and meet new people. He inspired me to try to do the same for others. I got really involved in student life, clubs and athletics. This helped me build connections with staff, faculty and other students. It has made me more comfortable talking to people. My perspective on life has also changed, and I really think that's because of all the different people I've met. I've been exposed to new cultures and built so many connections, and that's really broadened my horizons."

Kanoko Tsuchiya

"Right now I'm working as a Northern Lights Guide in Yellowknife. I interpret northern lights and the city of Yellowknife for our customers from all over the world.

The reason I chose Lakehead University is simply because I knew they had a unique program, which was my program, Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism (ORPT). I was very interested in outdoor education, national parks and tourism, so the program offered at Lakehead was perfect for me. I didn't specify my major so I took all classes that were interesting to me.

Mariam Abdulla Alameri

"Lakehead University was my first choice after completing my higher diploma as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist. It was the university where I could get both quality education and the most efficient schedule which mattered so much to me as I had plans to return home as soon as I could to pursue my career as an engineer and a hockey player in the national team.

Mary Wokomah

"Our professors in the Business program really go above and beyond to help and support their students, and they structure our classes so that we get to actively participate rather than just listening to lectures.

Lakehead has also given me a lot of hands-on experience throughout my degree, especially through the cooperative education program. In my third year, I decided to do my co-op as a Client Advisor with RBC. I loved the experience so much that I am still working with them now, three years later.

Khalid Adam Osman Yahia

“During my degree, I gained hands on experience through field school and by working for a mining company in the summer. I just graduated, have already started a new job, and Lakehead helped me prepare for it. Not only was the chair of my program very helpful during my studies, but my classmates were also supportive.”

Siyao (Sharon) Yang

“I enjoyed studying in small-sized classes because this offered me more opportunities to participate in class. Field school was the best hands-on experience I ever had. We got the chance to see nature in Thunder Bay, different places in Canada, and even around the world. During field school, we collected data under the instruction of professors. Later this data was used in class projects. Putting what we learned into practice, with the help of professors, was amazing.”