Felipa Galván Juárez

My name is Felipa Galván Juárez, I live in Ixtlahuaca, State of Mexico, in México. I am 50 years old. I have worked very hard to get a scholarship to Canada. I had two purposes: the first one was to practice English in a real context and live the experience in a university, the second to learn about the culture in Canada.

I was surprised when I saw the invitation from the "Lakehead University" Ontario, Canada, because I could perceive the connection between knowledge and ancestral wisdom. I have lived the best experience in my life because everything was an energetic connection at the perfect and ideal moment. When I arrived at the airport in Thunder Bay, Ontario, I felt special, but when I arrived at the university, I could feel, breathe and touch a new reality. Lakehead is a place that made me feel that I was at peace and I could express myself without fear of being wrong, because in the English Language Centre everybody inspired me to trust. I enjoyed the experience because everybody is on the same learning frequency. When I walked around and into the university I felt the connection with human beings in transformation, their language, culture and the energy of their countries. It is something magical that integrates us and makes us feel part of a whole that surrounds and protects us. I believe it is the power of the lake, the flowing water in the river, the snow and the nature of the place that allows contact with the universe. I loved my English classes and enjoyed all the activities, because I could learn and share knowledge and experiences. I love my university because It has made me feel like one more wolf in the pack of human beings in transformation, working for a world in equity and harmony.