Roster of Grant/Proposal Writers

The following grant/proposal writers are available for faculty members to aid in the planning, writing and/or editing of grant proposals. Information on the services that each individual offers can be accessed by clicking on "Services Offered" under his or her name.

After viewing a grant writer's profile page, you can request more information (such as rates charged) from the grant writer by completing an on-line form.

Tim Anderson
Services Offered by Tim
Click here to contact Tim Anderson

Suzanne Bowness
Services Offered by Suzanne
Click here to contact Suzanne Bowness

Janice Burke
Services Offered by Janice
Click here to contact Janice Burke

Sheela Hota-Mitchell, Ph.D.
Services Offered by Sheela
Click here to contact Sheela Hota-Mitchell

Anik Islam
Services Offered by Anik
Click here to contact Anik Islam

Carmen Kinniburgh
Services Offered by Carmen
Click here to contact Carmen Kinniburgh

Graham Strong
Services Offered by Graham
Click here to contact Graham Strong

Dennis Walsh
Services Offered by Dennis
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