Access to the following resources has been provided to inform and assist various research initiatives.

COS PIVOT database

This online funding opportunities database is a valuable resource for faculty members searching for research funding opportunities.  The database contains over 25,000 records representing nearly 400,000 global funding opportunities worth over $33 billion.  For more information, please click here.

Romeo Research Portal

Romeo is an online database for digital management and the reporting of internal and external research funding and ethics certifications. Click here for more information.

Tri-Council Resource Pages

Tri-Council Resource Pages have been created to provide faculty members who are applying to one of the Tri-Councils with various resources (toolkits, mentors, budget guidelines, etc.) that can be accessed as they prepare their submissions.  Click here for more information.

Open Access: Lakehead University Open Access Resources Page

Grant Writing Resources

Seeking grant writing assistance? Click here to view:

  • A roster of grant/proposal writers
  • Upcoming workshops and information sessions
  • Grant writing tips

SSHRC Research Facilitator

The job of Research Facilitators is to EDUCATE researchers on using specific strategies and information that help develop winning funding proposals; FACILITATE activities that bridge knowledge gained from research projects to the community; PROVIDE recommendations on grant applications; and LIAISE between the university and its researchers at research-related events taking place in the community. 

New Faculty Resources

For faculty new to Lakehead University, the Office of Research Services has assembled an Information Guide and Introduction. Click here to access these documents.

Enhancement Programs

The following programs provide faculty members with the opportunity to strengthen their grants through special workshops.

CIHR Enhancement Program 

NSERC Enhancement Program

SSHRC Enhancement Program:  2017 Program Information



SHARCNET is a collection of Canadian academic institutions who share a network of high performance computers. SHARCNET seeks to advance computational research, and attract and connect students, researchers, and corporate partners. Click here for more information. 

CMC Microsystems Community Space

This service aims to facilitate open discussions, information sharing, and research partnerships. Click here to find out more.

 Speaking to the Media

Notes from seminar titled:  "What Journalists Want."