International Applicants

The Biotechnology PhD Program at Lakehead University welcomes international applicants. As an international applicant to our program, it is important to consider the the following.

Admission Requirements

All grades given on international transcripts will be converted to Canadian equivalents by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Any decisions that need to be made based a student’s marks will use the converted grades prepared by Graduate Studies. Admission to the Biotechnology PhD program requires a Canadian equivalent GPA of 75% or higher on the completed Master's degree. Applicants must also have documentation showing English Language proficiency

English Language Proficiency

International students must meet the Proficiency in the English Language requirements as set out by Lakehead University:

Financing your Education

International Differential Tuition Waivers may be available once funding is announced. The waivers can only be held by students once they are enrolled at Lakehead. If a student cannot secure a visa, the waiver allocation to the student will be lost.

The President’s International Scholar’s Award which has a value equivalent to an International Tuition Fee Waiver and is renewable for up to four years can be awarded to outstanding students entering a doctoral program. To receive the award the student must be funded by a faculty member for a minimum of $5000 per year for each of the four years of the award and must maintain a minimum average of 80%.

Graduate Assistantships will be awarded to all PhD students.

Lakehead University International Office

International students will find many services available from the Lakehead University International Office (LUI). You can schedule and airport pick up, find out about student visas and much more.