Types of Funding

1. Graduate Assistantship (GA)

  • Graduate Assistantships are a form of employment offered to graduate students by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • As a Teaching Assistant you will be assigned to specific course where you have the opportunity to develop skills in marking, lecturing and preparing undergraduate labs.

2. Faculty Research Award (FRA) - funding provided by the student's supervisor

3. Faculty of Graduate Studies top-up 

4. Science and Environmental Studies top-up

5. External funding sources - OGS, NSERC, OTS, Industrial Partnerships, etc.

More information can be found at Graduate Funding

Cost of Living

It is important to consider your cost of living while working toward your doctorate. Although the cost of living in Thunder Bay is significantly lower than many of the larger cities in Canada, it is still very important to anticipate and manage your expenses so that you can focus on your research. 

Some potential costs to consider