Year 1 Requirements

Required Courses (4)

  1. Biotechnology Research Proposal and Seminar (BIOT6010)
  2. One half-course selected from : 
    • Topics in Environmental Biotechnology (BIOT6230) 
    • Topics in Medical Biotechnology (BIOT6210)
  3. Comprehensive Exam (BIOT 6030) - Pass/Fail
  4. Thesis Proposal (BIOT 6050) - Pass/Fail

Required Events:

  1. Successfully complete the Comprehensive Examination
  2. Give a public Thesis Proposal Presentation and have it approved by their Supervisory Committee

Both required courses and the Thesis Proposal Presentation and Comprehensive Exam must be completed within the first 12 months in the program. 

Annual Requirements

Students must present an update on their progress at an annual committee meeting. Their supervisory committee members will assess their progress and make suggestions for improvement as required. The Committee Approval of Annual Progress form must be submitted to the Biotechnology Program at the end of the second year and each year after that until the final year.

Final Year Requirements

Students are expected to complete the following program requirements in their Final year:

  • Biotechnology PhD Defense - Prepare and successfully defend a PhD dissertation (BIOT6901) 

Completion Period

Students are expected to complete all requirements within a minimum of 3 years (9 terms) and up to a maximum of 4 years (12 terms) of continuous full-time registration. Time extensions are available as described in the PhD Regulations. Candidates must meet a minimum residency of three terms, two of which must be consecutive.

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