The Science and Environmental Studies Biotechnology & Allied Sciences Symposium - SESBASS 2023

The Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies hosted the SES Biotechnology and Allied Sciences Symposium (SESBASS) on September 21, 22, 2023.  This year's theme was Technology for a Changing World. SESBASS 2023 took place in FB 2023 in the CASES building at Lakehead University. 


Faculty/Other  $50 CAD, Students/Postdocs $25 CAD (plus applicable taxes).

Registration is now closed. If you are participating in the symposium and have not paid your registration fee, please contact Brenda Magajna at phd.ses@lakeheadu.ca



Thursday, Sept 21 
Welcome address by Dr. Todd Randall, Dean, Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies9:00 – 9:1515 min
Session Chair: Dr. Sudip Rakshit 
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Silvio Silvério da Silva and Dr. Felipe Antunes (zoom) A sustainable future through lignocellulosic biorefineries: bioprocesses and bio-based products as tools for changing the world 9:15 – 10:1560 min
Coffee break10:15 – 10:3015 min
Aakash Chakraborty Sustainability analysis of biorefining processes10:30 – 11:0030 min
Conor McGovern Asymmetric Cross-Coupling of Ferrocenes in Chiral Ionic Liquids11:00 – 11:3030 min
Drs. Jinan Fiaidhi and Sabah Mohammed Thick Data Analytics and Translational Informatics are Recharging AI Towards Better Context and Precision11:30 – 12:0030 min
Poster Session and Lunch12:00 – 1:0060 min
Session Chair: Dr. Wensheng Qin 
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Virginia Walker "Why doesn't grass die after a killing frost?"; the answer reveals biotech innovations1:00 – 1:4545 min
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Satinder Kaur Brar Rhodosporidium toruloides as a workhorse: Decoding its benefits and burdens in biorefinery1:45 – 2:3045 min
Coffee Break2:30 – 2:4515 min
Dr. Sarita Shrestha Algaberry: A special and effective heavy metals remover of polluted water2:45 – 3:0520 min
Dr. Janak Khatiwada Optimization of pretreatments of native freshwater microalgae for reducing sugar extraction and subsequent bioethanol production3:05 – 3:2520 min
Dr. Shreeti Pradhan (zoom) Detection of Pathogens using Protein Quantification3:25 – 3:4520 min
Dr. Nadia Sufdar Ali (zoom) A high throughput screening process and quick isolation of novel lignin-degrading microbes from large number of natural biomasses3:45 – 4:0520 min


Friday, Sept. 22 
Welcome address by Session Chairs9:00 – 9:1515 min
Session Chairs: Drs. Muhammad Khalid and Ali Tarokh 
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Chengyu Li (zoom) Deciphering the Fluid Dynamics of Biological Locomotion: A Computational Framework for AdvancingBio-Inspired Flow Systems9:15 – 10:0045 min
Dr. Carlos Zerpa Examining the combined effect of neck strength and hockey goalie helmet liners in mitigating risk of head injury for measures of angular acceleration during simulated horizontal head collision10:00 – 10:3030 min
Coffee break10:30 – 10:4515 min
Aysan Gholami Heat transfer enhancement in a microchannel by a flow-induced flapping filament10:45 – 11:1530 min
Muhammad KhalidTBD11:45 – 12:1530 min
Poster Session and Lunch11:45 – 12:4560 min
Session Chair: Dr. Mike Campbell 
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Len Luyt Peptides: Transforming Natural Ligands into Therapeutics and Imaging Agents1:00 – 1:4545 min
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Steven Wang (zoom) A hybrid complex-valued neural network framework with applications to electroencephalogram (EEG)1:45 – 2:3045 min
Coffee break2:30 – 2:4515 min
Dr. Andrew Drainville (zoom) Ultrasonic cavitation for controlled pancreatic cancer stroma disruption2:45 – 3:1530 min
Dong Zhao Synthesis and evaluation of Aurora Kinase B inhibitor for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics3:15 – 3:4530 min
Yang Mao The Development of Novel Pet Imaging Agents for Diagnosing Cancer3:45 – 4:1530 min
Awards Ceremony and Dinner in Graduate Student Lounge in CASES5:00 – 7:002 hours


Keynote Speakers