Current Student List

2023 Winter

Aysan Gholami

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisor: Dr.  Ali Tarokh

Saeed Zaker

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisors: Drs.  Ebrahim Rezaei and Pedram Fatehi

2022 Fall

Saber Karimi

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisor: Dr.  Ali Tarokh

Soorena Azarhazin

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisor: Dr.  Ali Tarokh, Dr. Janusz Kozinski

2022 Spring

Dhanushya Jeyakumar

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisor: Dr. Wensheng Qin

2022 Winter

Mahsa Jahed  

  • Thesis: Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Multi-phase Multicomponent Drug Delivery thorough a Patient-Specific Respiratory Airway using the Pressurized Metered-Dose Inhalers (pMDIs) 
  • Supervisor: Dr. Leila Pakzad

Fatemeh Hassan Pour  

  • Thesis: Lignin nanoparticles with antibacterial performance for coating applications
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

Rozita Zare

  • Thesis: Sulfonated lignin nanoparticle containing aerogels with advanced functionality
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

2021 Fall

Devon Dickson  

  • Thesis: Mitochondrial DNA as a novel biomarker to improve embryo implantation potential in Human In vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes.
  • Supervisor: Dr. Wensheng Qin

Razieh Fereidoun Rajabi

  • Thesis: Plant-wide optimization of CO2 utilization processes for the manufacturing of value-added chemicals
  • Supervisors: Dr. Ebrahim Rezaei and Dr. Janusz Kozinski

Cody Veneruzzo

  • Thesis: The effects of microplastics on fish metabolic rates and energetic dynamics
  • Supervisor: Dr. Mike Rennie

2020 Fall

Behrooz Afra  

  • Thesis: Flow Control of Low-Reynolds Number Airfoils Using Morphing Surfaces
  • Supervisor: Dr. Ali Tarokh

Janak Raj Khatiwada  

  • Thesis: Biohydrogen production and wastewater treatment using native freshwater algae
  • Supervisor: Dr. Wensheng Qin

Banchamlak Kassaun

  • Thesis: Silanated Lignin for Wood Coating Application
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

Nicholas Bel 

  • Thesis: Redox Mechanisms in Macular Degeneration
  • Supervisor: Dr. Neelam Khaper

Maegen Lavalee  

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisor: Dr. Alla Reznik and Dr. Zubair Fadlullah

Maliheh Sabershahraki

  • Thesis: Experimental Study of Particle Cloud Evolution in Water
  • Supervisor: Dr. Amir Azimi

2020 Winter

Mohammad Babazadeh

  • Thesis: Mineralization of Naphthenic Acids by Coupling Catalytic Ozonation and Membrane Bio-reactor
  • Supervisor: Dr. Ebrahim Rezaei 

Taha Sadeghi

  • Thesis: Aerosol Delivery to Human Respiratory Tract Using Oral Inhaler Devices: In-vitro and CFD Modeling Approaches
  • Supervisors: Dr.Leila Pakzad and Dr. Ehsan Behzadfar

2019 Fall

Ruth Amanna

  • Thesis: Induction of bacterial enzymes for enhanced biodegradation of PET
  • Supervisor: Dr. Sudip Rakshit

Farnia Dastoorian

  • Thesis: Aerosol drug delivery to the lung from the mouth to throat pathway: In vitro and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Leila Pakzad and Dr. Ehsan Behzadfar

2019 Spring

Xuantong Chen

  • Thesis: Functional Analysis of Fatty Acid Desaturase and Vacuolar-type H+-ATPase Genes in Marine Alga Pleurochrysis dentata and Overexpression of Genes for Enhancing Algal Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Production and Calcium Carbonate Accumulation
  • Supervisor: Dr. Wensheng Qin 

2019 Winter

Yichen Liao

  • Thesis: Cellulose based bioplastic from modified pulp fibres
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Pedram Fatehi and Dr. Md. Nur Alam

Hamid Mortazavi

  • Thesis: A comprehensive study on moving baffle oscillatory baffled reactor: experimental and CFD approaches
  • Supervisor: Dr. Leila Pakzad

2018 Winter

Ellen Silverio Vieira

  • Thesis: Development of starch/hemicellulose films for use in packaging
  • Supervisor: Dr. Sudip Rakshit

2017 Fall 2018 Winter

Nathan Wilson

  • Thesis: Rapid response environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Supervisor: Dr. Carney Matheson