Current Student List

2019 Fall

Ruth Amanna

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisors: Dr. Sudip Rakshit

Ryan Grow

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisors: Dr. Micheal Rennie

Farzad Gholami

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Leila Pakzad and Dr. Ehsan Behzadfar

Zahra Farnaz Shomali

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Pedram Fatehi and Dr. Ehsan Behzadfar

Shumsun Siddique

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Eltayeb Mohamedelhassan and Dr. Jian Deng

Farnia Dastoorian

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Leila Pakzad and Dr. Ehsan Behzadfar

2019 Winter

Yichen Liao

  • Thesis: 
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Pedram Fatehi and Dr. Md. Nur Alam

Hamid Mortazavi

  • Thesis: 
  • Supervisor: Dr. Leila Pakzad

2018 Fall

Jocelyn Bel

  • Thesis: TBD
  • Supervisor: Dr. Neelam Khaper

Jonathan Alejandro Diaz Baca

  • Thesis: 
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

Mahsa Janati  

  • Thesis: 
  • Supervisor: Dr. Amir Azimi

Aida Bagheri Basmenji

  • Thesis: 
  • Supervisor: Dr. Amir Azimi

Maryam Amini

  • Thesis: 
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Baoqiang Liao & Dr. Eltayeb Mohamedelhassan

Duowei Lu

  • Thesis: 
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

Aristide Laurel Mokale Kognou

  • Thesis: 
  • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Wensheng Qin, Dr. Chun-Bao Xu, Dr. Zi-Hua Jiang

2018 Winter

Ellen Silverio Vieira

  • Thesis: Development of starch/hemicellulose films for use in packaging
  • Supervisor: Dr. Sudip Rakshit

2017 Fall

Meijia Zhang

  • Thesis: Research on membrane fouling in membrane bioreactors (MBR)
  • Supervisor: Dr. Baoqiang Liao

Nathan Wilson

  • Thesis: Rapid response environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Supervisor: Dr. Carney Matheson

Chris Chio

  • Thesis: Depoloarization of lignin, characterization of derived products and potential applications of the value-added chemicals
  • Supervisor: Dr. Wensheng Qin

2017 Spring

Armin Eraghi Kazzaz

  • Thesis: Amphoteric lignin as a value-added product
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

2017 Winter

Mahshid Mohammadi 

  • Thesis: Identification, characterization and application of the lichen, Umbilicaria muhlenbergii as a promising anti-cancer agent
  • Supervisor: TBD

2016 Fall

Ashley Nemec-Bakk

  • Thesis: Impact of low-dose radiation during late gestation on oxidative stress and cellular function
  • Supervisor: Dr. Neelam Khaper

Azadeh Bahramian

  • Thesis: Modeling a fluidized bed reactor for catalytic pyrolysis of HDPE
  • Supervisor: Dr. Siamak Elyasi

Mahdieh Samavi

  • Thesis: Production of fully bio-based polyurethane from hemicellulose-rich stream
  • Supervisor: Dr. Sudip Rakshit

Zahra Hosseinpour Feizi

  • Thesis: Production of anioinic cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) as a dispersant
  • Supervisor: Dr. Pedram Fatehi

2015 Fall

Gabrielle Gaultier

Gabrielle Gaultier

Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova

B cell responses to 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in patients with severe chronic kidney disease

 Ryan Lehto

  • Thesis: Biocrystallization of linear DNA as a long term storage method
  • Supervisor: Dr. Carney Matheson

2015 Winter

Sepideh Dadgar

  • Thesis: Protease activatable probes for molecular imaging metastatic potential
  • Supervisor: Dr. Wely Floriano and Dr. Chris Phenix

2014 Fall

O'Neill Tedrow

  • Thesis: A site-specific approach to sulphate standard development with an emphasis on wild rice: Implications for NPDES permitting recommendations
  • Supervisor: Dr. Peter Lee 

2014 Spring

Harutyun Poladyan

  • Thesis: Organ-specific positron emission tomography devices based on SiPM
  • Supervisor: Dr. Alla Reznik

2013 Fall

R. Andrew

  • Thesis: Tunable mid-infrared fiber laser for biomedical applications
  • Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Pichardo