Below is a list of current members in the Biotechnology PhD program. For a description of their research interests, please visit the "Potential Supervisors" page.

Biotechnology PhD Program Coordinator


Biotechnology PhD Program Facilitator

B. Magajna (Science and Environmental Studies)


Biotechnology PhD Program Core Members

M. Albert (Chemistry)

A. Azimi (Civil Engineering)

M. Billah (Civil Engineering)

L. Cui (Civil Engineering)

G. Das (Physics)

J. Deng (Civil Engineering)

A. Elshaer (Civil Engineering)

S. Elyasi (Chemical Engineering)

Z. Fadlullah (Computer Science)

P. Fatehi (Chemical Engineering)

J. Fiaidhi (Computer Science)

W. Floriano (Chemistry)

J. Hou (Chemistry)

J. Jiang (Chemistry)

N. Khaper (Adjunct to Biology - NOSM West Campus)

D. Law (Biology)

S. Lees (Adjunct to Biology - NOSM West Campus)

K. Leung (Biology)

B. Liao (Chemical Engineering)

R. Mackereth (Adjunct to Biology)

C. Matheson (Anthropology)

E. Mohamedelhassan (Civil Engineering)

S. Mohammed (Computer Science)

L. Pakzad (Chemical Engineering)

W. Qin (Biology)

S.K. Rakshit (Chemical Engineering)

N. Ravanelli (Kinesiology)

M. Rennie (Biology)

E. Rezaei (Chemical Engineering)

A. Reznik (Physics)

B. Ross (Adjunct to Biology - NOSM West Campus)

P. Sanzo (Kinesiology)

H. Schraft (Biology)

Z. Suntres (Adjunct to Biology - NOSM West Campus)

B. Tomanek (Adjunct to Electrical Engineering)

A. Tarokh (Mechanical Engineering)

M. Ulanova (Adjunct to Biology - NOSM West Campus)

C. Zerpa (Kinesiology)

Biotechnology PhD Program Non-core Members

E. Behzadfar (Chemical Engineering)

P. Zezos (NOSM)

J. Chen (Adjunct to Biology)

M. Paterson (Adjunct to Biology)


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